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As Triumph prepare for life as Moto2 engine supplier, we blagged a few laps onboard the test mule to sample its final development at Silverstone's Stowe circuit. A modified cylinder head, titanium valves, race alternator, taller first gear, Marelli ECU, revised engine covers to reduce width and a different sump for exhaust routing are the main modifications to the 765cc powerplant.

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70 thoughts on “Triumph Moto2 Prototype Test | WHAT A SOUND

  1. Ok thenโ€ฆ I want to buy a Triumph Daytona 765! I can even trade for my 2011 Daytona!! Is this enough for that guy?!?! Whoยดs with me?

  2. His answer to whether or not a Daytona 765 will be released is exactly what I’d expect. Sales of naked bikes are crushing sports bikes, especially when they are so good now. The market is buying naked bikes, not super sports.

    1. 600s arenโ€™t boring they are still plenty fast, but the market for 600 supersports just arenโ€™t justifiable … they are hardly tracked and 1000cc and their adjustable power levels have pretty much weeded them out.

      Emissions never killed these bikes.. having to hit a certain price point did and since most 600s are/were sitting 2-3k below a 1000cc supersport when kept up to date everyone just started saving a few extra

    2. Simon Vuylsteke yes I know what you mean about the build quality on triumph .the quick shifter on the mt 10 is clunky at low revs ,but when you use it in the power and it’s mega ,

    3. Yeah i’ve heard that the MT10 is INSANE, never had the chance to ride one yet tho. But comparing the mt09 vs the triumph street triple that i have all i can say is that the quality of everything feels alot nicer on the triumph, doesnt take away that the mt09 is a great bike aswell but i love the more solid feel of a bike. Not sure how the quickshifter is on the mt10 but on that mt09 it wasnt nearly as good as on the triumph.

    4. I’ve been riding r6s for years and they are the bollocks .then I rode mates new bike a Yamaha mt10 .wow what a bike,the power,the way it handles ,the torque .its insane.on a ride out he was just disappearing out of the bends.i was having to drop the r6 2 gears and absolutely rag it to stay with him. I took ownership of a new mt10 6 weeks ago and can’t stop grinning.the thing is I am 51 so the r6 took its toll on a long ride .i can ride the my mt all day long.

    5. STR is the best one for me aswell! i have a 2014.I’ve ridden my friends new mt-09 and the only upside of that bike for me was the steering, it felt so much easier to do so because of the wider bars. All the other things like the quickshifter, body position on the bike, leg position, being stable in the corners and all of that, its better on the triump. And the quality of the pieces of a triumph is just sublime! Can’t wish for more, except a daytona maybe, never ridder a daytona. They are so rare here in belgium tho :'(
      Anyways have fun with your triumph ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. I think the whole world is waiting for Triumph to bring out the Daytona 765…. would be perfect if they could DNA the sound “Noise” to the road version with buffel removed ๐Ÿ˜‰ BTW your a lucky Bar****** ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I’d rather it be an 1100 to take on wsbk. been wanting that for years and years and years and we’ll I still want it

    1. +Sa Wu yeah so all they’d do is retune it, like I said. Anybody who has ridden an R6 would love it to have more torque. Even the moto 2 riders were saying this bike is better because it has more torque than the cbr engine

    2. lol @ re-tuning. Dude youd have to change the bore and stroke of the engine to change the torque curve charachteristics. So basically a complete redesigned engine with more torque. Maybe even 1000cc of power with a lower rev limit. Oh wait….it already exists, its called the r1.

    3. +Sa Wu Yeah because triumph don’t do this for the daytona and street triple ๐Ÿ˜‚ it’s the same engine. Same for MT10 and R1. Like it or not the 600s are dying, so the next step is using engines like the MT09 in the bikes.

  4. I just don’t get why people like this view from behind. It’s shite! I don’t want to see the riders arse. Mint sounding bike though.

    1. Keep dreaming, they’re probably still grinning like schoolgirls that they got their name on a racetrack without having to throw away money on a factory team at all.

    1. Triumph have been building the 765 for years you dumbasses, they’ve been racing at the isle of man tt for years and world superasport

    2. Bernd – Thats what the R model is, Brembo Monoblocs and Ohlins front and rear. At least in The US, RS is the top model street and speed triples.

  5. If the hype from the comments on this video alone doesnโ€™t make them build it, then I donโ€™t know what will ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿฝโ€โ™‚๏ธ

    1. People actually buying sport bikes again? You can go pretty broke, pretty fast, listening to YouTube enthusiasts who promise a lot and buy nothing.

    1. Can you put down a deposit for a bike that does not yet exist or has not been green lit for production, at least as far as the public is concerned?

    1. Kenneth Kinnaird in base trim the GSXR-750 makes 148hp, which is the same as an MV Agusta F3 800. So a 50cc difference is comparable between a 750 inline 4, and a comparable inline 3 cylinder (especially when you note that the Daytona 675 and the F3 675 are comparable in hp output as well). Considering the 765 is race spec, I’d not be shocked if it could put down 170hp like a fully built GSXR-750 engine.

  6. I’m surprise they haven’t already come out with a Daytona yet. I bet they are waiting for more publicity from Moto2. Their marketing group could go ham with the “Moto2 inspired” lines when marketing the bike. That will drive interest and sales. Make some minor changes to the Street Triple 765 RS motor, slap some sexy fairings with LED headlights and you’re done.

  7. What a job Triumph has done developing this awesome Moto 2 bike hats off ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ i ride a 2013 Triumph Daytona 675R and if triumph do bring this Daytona 765R into production well all I can say is there onto a winner!! Triumph making us brits ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡งproud

    1. Yeah, in many ways it already was/is. By the way, I think Moto2 World Champions are really underestimated when they arrive in MotoGP. Pretty sure if they would all arrive in MotoGP on factory Desmos, M1s or 213Vs with supporting teams it would be a completely different weekend.

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