Top 7 MOST POWERFUL SUPERBIKES in the world 2018 || Fastest Superbikes 2018 update

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Top 7 MOST POWERFUL SUPERBIKES in the world 2018 || Fastest Superbikes 2018 update
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7.BMW S1000RR. 146kW (195.8 imperial horsepower, 198.5 metric horsepower)

Last year the BMW was nudged out of the top 10, but the changing order this year means that even though it’s no more powerful than before it creeps in to the list. Let’s face it, with near enough 200hp on tap, the S1000RR has got the performance to rip your face off. The fact that it’s only in 10th place is a reflection of just how spoilt we are for insanely powerful bikes these days. With a new S1000RR expected in 2019, it will probably be in a higher position next year.

6.Yamaha R1 and R1M. 147.1kW (197.3 imperial horsepower, 200 metric horsepower)
Yamaha might have tweaked the R1, but its power hasn’t changed. At 200hp, it’s not exactly crying out for more. While the R1M is officially a separate model, we’re classing both versions as one for the purposes of this list.

5.Kawasaki ZX-10R (all versions). 147.1kW (197.3 imperial horsepower, 200 metric horsepower)
Kawasaki’s ZX-10R is the first 200hp bike on our list – provided we use metric horsepower rather than the more traditional British ones. Just as we put the R1 and R1M together, all versions of the ZX-10R are covered here. There’s a bewildering array of them including the base model, the ‘Performance’, the ‘KRT’, the new ‘SE’ and the homologation-special ‘RR’ but all make the same amount of power.

4 Kawasaki ZZR1400. 147.2kW (197.4 imperial horsepower, 200.1 metric horsepower)
The third Kawasaki on the list, the ZZR1400 is the oldest rocker in town when it comes to this whole line up. It’s also the biggest, with a 1441cc motor, and that’s reflected in its relatively low-revving 10,000rpm power peak. And it makes a whole 0.1kW more than the H2 SX or ZX-10R!

3.Suzuki GSX-R1000. 148.5kW (199.1 imperial horsepower, 201.9 metric horsepower)
Suzuki’s latest GSX-R1000 has rocketed the firm’s standard bearer back towards the top of the class, and its clever variable-valve-timing engine is a big step forward from previous generations. Still only fourth on the list, though. So what’s even more powerful?

2.Ducati Panigale 1299 Final Edition. 154kW (206.5 imperial horsepower, 209.4 metric horsepower)
It might be the swansong for the big-capacity V-twin Ducati superbike line, but the Final Edition of the Panigale is also the most powerful. The sold-out Superleggera version, which topped our 2017 list with a claimed 215hp, is actually homologated at the same 209.4 metric horses as the much cheaper, still-available Final Edition. Of course, the V-twin Panigale is last season’s fashion now. Cold soup. In its place comes…

13: Kawasaki Ninja H2. 150.8kW (202.2 imperial horsepower, 205.8 metric horsepower)
Now we’re finally past the 200hp mark even when we’re counting in the most pessimistic, imperial version of the standard. And in more modern kilowatts the H2 is first past the 150 mark, too. Of course, the track-only H2R claims far more power, but since it’s not homologated for road use, it can’t be counted on this list.

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