THE GREATEST ✔️ Show On Earth ⚡️ ✅ Street Race . ISLE of MAN TT

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74 thoughts on “THE GREATEST ✔️ Show On Earth ⚡️ ✅ Street Race . ISLE of MAN TT

    1. +MrNurseInColorado lol your wrong,the harder it becomes,the faster you go the more tunnel vision you have an it’s not a great thing to have lol

    1. +Woremeth Panawatthana Yes these riders are the most prolific sportsmen barr none!
      Zechariah 9:12 kjv!

    2. You shouldn’t be comparing F1 to Isle of Man TT. F1 can be compared to MotoGP. If you want to compare Isle of Man TT to Cars, then WRC rally cars is the one you should be comparing.

    1. I only just found out I share the same birthday as him. He was an inspiration to me and it’s still a bit of a shock to have him gone so early.

    2. I remember is crash in the TT a few years ago. Michael was pretty concerned about it during the pit stop. Those guys are literally on the edge of their teeth.

    1. +ToySupra People watching has always and will always be human kinds greatest pastime, and form of entertainment. From the gladiators and circuses of the past to Olympics, sports and drama shows of the present ets. ets.

    2. You don’t, they just remembered the corner, it’s like rally but without the copilot, you need to do all of the scout and driving alone, kinda hard but possible with low speed training

    3. I remember some Group B rally driver saying that – car accelerates so fast that your brain cant even understand it, and then you’re already at the next corner. Crazy stuff

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  1. No one forces the riders to race here, they do it because they love it. It’s the motorcycling equivalent of climbing Everest.

    1. @Rudolph – What’s particularly sobering is that the trail is littered with the bodies of dead mountaineers in their bright gear — preserved in the freezing temperatures.

  2. They don’t do it to become millionaires like F1 drivers for EG, they do it to just be the fastest. It’s unreal to witness them go by when you are there. Respect 100%.

  3. Balls. Skill. Courage. No fear. 1 error and you’re Done. Waht a great people.
    It’s just insane waht people could do for something they Love. Much much respect to all riders that have been involved in this race..Just wow.

  4. My son, Jeremy Toye did this in 2008 and won the Iceman Trophy (fastest newcomer). He said the concentration committed to this race is off the charts. Then he goes and races Macau. I believe they’re all nuts……..

  5. 600’s run in the low 170s, and 1000’s into the 200s, all on city streets and open countryside, often outrunning the choppers filming from overhead. Wow, what a race.

    1. My wife said if you buy a bicycle you are in trouble, when the police stop you is because you going under speed limit 😟🤐🤥

    2. Thats actually really dangerous as you would be withholding the flow of traffic causing other drivers to overtake dangerously in frustration

    3. Yeah that’s dangerous, I drive 80-100 and someone going 50mph in left lane is a danger. Nearly everyone drives 30 above the speed limit here, so when you don’t, you’re a greater danger than anyone else.

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