The difference between Harley Davidson and Hayabusa – drag race

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One of the fastest motorbikes Suzuki Hayabusa takes on legendary Harley Davidson. Hayabusa top speed,acceleration and drag race.

80 thoughts on “The difference between Harley Davidson and Hayabusa – drag race

  1. The only differnce between a Harley and a vacuum cleaner is the vacuum cleaner has the dirtbag on the inside 😁

    1. +Vegeta’ Bich mom to each,his own.. I wana enjoy my ride ,not fly by it is allready too fast. Free spirits must cruise.

    2. +roblox84 yup, always been a passion. My dad was a Harley man..I suppose you’re born with It. He has passed on, but he taught me well.

    3. +Rock Fisher wow, big rock..seems as though you have some inner self- reflection issues being exposed. May want to get that taken care of. Insecurities get the best of some men.. ✌

  2. So you made a video illustrating that a racing bike is faster than a non-racing bike in a race? Top notch detective work…

    1. unfortunately for you any modern japanese bike can whip the wheels of a vompatable capacity harley.

      even a sportster cant compete

    2. He demonstrated that a Harley is nothing more than a very expensive and glorified noise maker. Rev that Harley and make all that noise. About all it is good for.

  3. That’s like comparing a half mile long Cadillac to a corvette. Of course the Harley lost but which one would you want to travel halfway across the country on.

  4. Pinks had an episode where a $75,000 race Harley couldn’t beat a $2,500 30 year old Suzuki kz 1000.

  5. Speed vs dug dug dug dug dug dug dug ..,….,..dug ………some says it’s for comfort …….dug dug dug dug dug dug

    1. Mr. Fancypants Until one mistake & they scrape him off the road & he’s nothing but a piece of ground up meat lol

  6. This was obvious. But the Harley is way cooler. I’d rather spend 6 hours riding the Harley than the Suzuki.

  7. Yes of course the Hayabusa won, but en route to the finish line, the Harley rider sold two bags of weed and picked up a hooker.

  8. The real difference is the Hayabusa will actually be able to make it home without breaking down……

    1. apparently amuricans are too dumb to realize that…they have to organised a drag race to determine the winner

  9. Lets look at the facts.

    The Suzi was designed to be the fastest bike on the planet.
    The Harley was designed purely to tour in comfort.

    Given these facts, its clear the harley is never going to beat it, or even come close.

    The even sadder part is that the Suzi isnt THAT much quicker after all.

    Now lets try something else…

    Lets cross the whole of america 2-up with luggage and see who gets there without backache… Or even if the Suzi makes it at all.

    1. I’d ride a Busa across the US long before I would ride a Harley. Riding a Harley is not “comfort”. Comfort is a plush Goldwing. You’ve obviously never done a long trip on either a Harley or a Busa. I think you would be surprised by comfort of a Busa or ZX-14.

    2. +FatRakoon Getting beat by 4 seconds on a drag strip is the equivalent to losing getting lapped around a long racetrack 4 times. This is basically a comparison between a cheetah and a turtle.

    3. I dont want you to give the Harley ANY sympathy. Its on a drag strip and it simply does not belong there.
      The comparison is simply a non issue, but its there purely for the fun of it.

      Yes 3 seconds on a strip is colossal, of course it is… even 1 second is leagues apart, but as I said on my very first post… These bikes are designed to be completely different beasts and the busa is designed to be the fastest in the world while the harley is not designed to even be moderately quick, in fact its designed to not be quick at all, its crippled and its designed to be such.
      So given those facts, this 3 seconds is closer than it should be. Im not askign for any sympathy for the Harley, in fact, if anything it seems more of a shame on the busa that the gap isnt more.
      It shows that on a standing quarter, the bus a is only about 30% quicker. That, is my point.

    4. And once again you are entirely missing my point in that the Harley was not that far behind it given what they are both designed to do.
      You inability to grasp such facts is your failure not mine.

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