Suzuki Hayabusa takes on Harley Davidson v rod-drag race,sound,acceleration and speed

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The best of motorcycle racing.Modified Harley Davidson vs Suzuki GSXR 1300.Who's the fastest ? Pure sound,burnouts ,acceleration and top speed of most powerful motorbikes.Buy insurance before watch it.

84 thoughts on “Suzuki Hayabusa takes on Harley Davidson v rod-drag race,sound,acceleration and speed

  1. bunch of geniuses…
    how can you compare Harley Davidson and Hayabusa? One is a cruiser and the other is sports racer…

    1. It clearly states it’s not a race, it’s a test and tune. Meaning these two bikes are just making passes and there is no intent of comparison or racing.

    2. ELEGANCEatSIMPLICITY it wasn’t qualifying. Just practice runs basically. Qualifying is when they determine bracket. So in actual racing Harley would’ve left line sooner. Only competition for super bikes is another super bike.

    1. Funny comment considering that Japan is the #1 consumer of Harley Davidson motorcycles. This is like comparing my boxers to your bikini underwear… now let’s watch a race between a Lion and a cheetah, then a grizzly bear and a gazelle stupid idiot.

    2. +toro64xxx It is kinda stupid basing engineering off of speed… Everyone knows that Harleys are classic bikes, more of an imitation tradition of antiques. Not meant to be a sport bike….

  2. Looks like some kids here don’t unerstand the difference of Harley and that jap bike

    Harley = Powerful engine ,for long trip ,heavy and strong body
    Jap = Weak body ,fast engine ,for racing

    This race isnt fair…..

    1. it would of bet the busa if the busa was stock but the busa was not it had a header and who knows how much engine work the vrod stock no header

    2. Not sure what your point is with this video. The drag Harley ran a 9.9 @134 which is still slower than a stock Busa. The busa in this video ran a 10.8@95 which is a dead giveaway that something went wrong. Bad video to use for comparison.

    3. Busa redline is 11000, Busa with turbo is capable of over 600+ hp, The Busa will go 85mph in 1st. Busa’s run 145mph stock in the quarter mile. I’m sure for a cruiser bike the vrod is the one to beat, but to compare it to a Busa or even say the Busa had mods as if modded or not would have made a difference is irrelevant.

    4. I have smoked every 600 I have ran on my Vrod. The only time they may even have a chance is a freeway pull. Im not saying the Busa isn’t fast or that the Vrod can beat everything out their. I am saying that the Vrod is faster than any other Harley by a considerable measure. Its redline is 9200 and doesn’t even hit its power band until around 5k. For a Vtwin it is a very capable and fast bike that can easily get over 200RWHP with a turbo. The Destroyer is pulling 6s in the quarter. That guy riding is barley at 100MPH at the quarter, the bike hits 90 in second stock.

  3. Was hier alle über Harley herziehen 😀 Dass viele andere Bikes in vielen Belangen besser sind, dürfte wohl klar sein. Trotzdem schaft keine andere Marke das, was Harley Davidson geschafft hat und macht. Fährt man mit einer Harley, jagt man nicht von Kurve zu Kurve, viele wissen nicht mal, wie schnell ihr Bike überhaupt fahren könnte. Warum? Es ist uninteressant. Wer nicht versteht, dass man Harley (und andere Chopper) anders fährt, brauch hier gar nicht mitzudiskutieren, da ihm das komplette Verständnis für Vielfalt fehlt. Bike fahren geht nicht nur auf eine Art und das beste Bike ist hoffentlich immer das eigene 😉

    1. Well not really… the Hyabusa is a sports tourer… just look at the riding position… definitely not “track”, and they are very comfortable on long trips…. wickedly quick though…..

    1. tomare omo You say that but we all know you don’t mean it.
      It’s likely the best looking bike ever invented aside from the Tron bike.
      You see how round and smooth every part of the bike is?
      It is designed to be an extension of the body and keep down wind turbulence.
      What bike do you think looks better?
      Give me a name, otherwise you’re just some kid who’s words mean nothing.

  4. It’s like a tractor and a rocket…lmao…
    Oink…they call them hogs for a reason…
    Hehe…. Ever see a pig out run a coyte??

  5. Both nice rides, but it really isn’t fair. My ZX7 would kill my Softail even though it is twice the cc’s.

    1. plastic is great…sexi….lovely plastic..oooohhhh plastic, there is nothing more beautiful, wonderful, sweet, tender, romantic, rude, masculine, than plastic … plastic is forever..yeahh..

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