Superbikes and Supercars Loud Sounds in the City!!

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Superbikes and motorbikes VS supercars in the area of Knightsbridge, London. With some loud sounds, rev battles, flames and accelerations, it didn't take long to cause a stir and turn some heads!

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51 thoughts on “Superbikes and Supercars Loud Sounds in the City!!

    1. +Glen Rose OI isnt h2r for track only? I think you tryin’to say Kawasaki Ninja H2. I do have Yamaha R25 2017

  1. Aventador SV has to be my favorite out of what you spotted, along with the 458 Speciale and Aston Martin Vanquish. Not a big fan of bikes but I do like Ducati’s 🙂

    1. +GIBRONN AQEEL Andries
      i see that worlds fastest bike that BMW R something its crazy fast fall off ya can die lol

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