Superbikes and Supercars Go Crazy in the City!!

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The area of Knightsbridge in Central London was brought to a standstill, with this invasion of supercars and superbikes on to the city streets. With, loud revs, accelerations and sounds, it didn't take long for a huge crowd to form, and for the police to show up!

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60 thoughts on “Superbikes and Supercars Go Crazy in the City!!

    1. +TheSlavBiker 250 but still you would get a back problem and atleast there still a chance to survive a crash in a car then a damn bike, here in my place, the most leading death is because bike accidents and a radio in a helmet? That sounds fucking stupid and atleast the passenger in the car is more comfortable than in the bike’s backseat, being a passenger in a superbike is a fucking nightmare, but I do love yamaha r6 and r1, they sound nice af like an f1 car imo

  1. Someone ride down this street with a ktm smcr 690- akrapovic and no db Killer and all the car alarms will turn on.

    1. +Niklas Blug ich fahr ne 690 duke als reines rennmotorad, dem entsprechend also ohne Kat und mir Sc Project. Habe noch nie eine supersportler auf der rennstrecke gehabt die lauter ist. Ich finde es gibt nichts geileres als nen Einzylinder aber jedem seins👌

  2. That lamborghini, what a mix!! :V

    Gallardo spyder chassis.
    Gallardo Spyder rims.
    Gallardo LP560-4 front bumper.
    LP570-4 Perfomante Stripes.
    Gallardo Superlegera Spoiler and side decal.
    LP560 Rear bumper and tail lights.
    Gay colour.

    1. Michael Parker I there are only a few in numbers, Qatar, Kuwait, and Saudi may be rich but the those countries populations are like one state in United states or one province in China, the rest Arab countries which are actually hugh are still under third world status.

    2. +My dream is to get 500 subs whitout any videos. hmmm , QATAR is rich you can tell KSA is somewhat considered to have a good socioeconomic level but not as Emirates . The rest of other arab people as us are so poor and have the worst lifestyle and socioeconomic level .

  3. The most exclusive and classy area of London becomes one of the tackiest, most hilbilly area in the world. I don’t even know what English word to describe this sad scenery. I clicked the video thinking I would see some fight between riders and sports car driver instead I watch douchebags revving their mommy machine like no one has ever heard lamborghini engine before.

    1. It’s normal every day I go out side I’m sick of twats in sports cars.
      Funny thing is apparently America is better… Where is your sports cars still in the second hand dealership

    2. Like u totally don’t do stuff like that in America. Oh wait 90% of Americans are to fat to fit inside a truck nvm a super car

  4. I watched this and thought it was cool showed it to my grandad and he said these exact words “back in my day the only loud things we had was our women” 😂😂😂

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