Superbike Reactions In INDIA – Mysore/BikersIN

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Music By Surya Sriram S


Exotics Used In The Video
1) Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R – Akrapovic Exhaust
2) Suzuki Hayabusa Extended Wheel – Brocks Exhaust Full System
3) Suzuki Hayabusa – Jardine GP Exhaust
4) Suzuki GSXR1000 Special Edition – Racefit Exhaust
5) Merc. SLK55 AMG Brabus Edition

Camera ( PHONE) Used To RECORD The Video
*Samsung Galaxy S4 (No Additional Mic Used)*
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66 thoughts on “Superbike Reactions In INDIA – Mysore/BikersIN

    1. +phardik vishal u r pathetic…u just assumed he s poor from a comment where he says it isn’t safe to drive without a helmet…u r the real bastard here

    1. Yes i am 15 and i was riding bike with my friend at 6 am in the morning and There was a breler and i did not saw it and My bike fall off and i got serveal bleedings

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    1. They own each of them respectively. You should realise that they took out the license plates just so that they don’t get involved with cops.

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