69 thoughts on “Rare Harley Davidson by Porsche – Burnouts and Brutal Sounds

    1. +Gabe Adorno I have one myself, ride it almost every day. It’s surprisingly a very comfortable ride, and the bike is very well balanced as well

    2. I thought people ride cruisers because they’re more comfortable, but i guess they just want the Porsche name.

    3. You are right. These guys have nice bikes, but they arent riding them on rides more than a 1000 miles without stopping every few hours or less. Their necks and shoulders would be killing them.

    1. AbdELRahman GaD it’s a Harley Davidson V-Rod, modeled after the VR1000 road race bike Harley Davidson came out with in the early nineties, piloted by Miguel DuHammel, but fuel injection and oil pressure issues discouraged the endeavor, a Porsche engineer was hired by Harley Davidson to develop the mill. Now y’all know

    1. So. What are they supposed to wear?They dont have to act and dress like the hells angels just because they are on harleys.

  1. These look and sound like a lot of fun but man I’d hate to have to ride that more than a few minutes it would have to kill your back

  2. Harley Davidson developed the V-Rod from the VR1000 sport bike they raced. 

    Porsche is only involved in joint development of a “street” version of that engine and it’s assembly. It’s a Harley design.

    1. +Khoa Nguyễn Same here. But these bikes would be fantastic in the highways here. I can just imagine taking this from Goa to Mumbai.

    1. +kukelhupf Thanks for the tip, I wasn’t going for extra horsepower although it did increase the horsepowee by approx 1-2hp due to the weight reduction made from the old exhaust put the baffles in & noticebale slight power increase is noticed.

      Yep its my commuting bike for the week so I use my big horsepowered bike on the weekends & yes Im not posting my other bike up on here as its quite unique.

    2. +Ted Bundy
      I’m somebody from a completely different generation to know enough about the HD spirit. But even I know that this has nothing to do with it.
      And just to be sure. There aren’t any REAL BIKERS like you propably think you are. Everybody has their own taste in bikes and lifestyles.

      Just because you have “badass gloves” and a “badass helmet” doesn’t give the permission to judge something you have absolutely no idea about.

      PS: You should strip you old exhaust back on. That Akrapovic exhaust may sound good. But in exchange it steals you quite some horsepowers.

    3. +Ted Bundy  
      do not say that riders hd are posers, I say that these gentlemen only want to draw attention … I’m a rider hd spirit. living by Harley and not to make photos of clicks.

    4. HD riders are posers, look at me, look at me kind of attitude.

      They have no passion but would argue differently… Just attention seekers. Real bikers travel alone or in pairs or maybe a group of three, hence not gangs.

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