New BMW M5 vs BMW S1000RR superbike

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We pit the new M5 against BMW's hottest superbike.
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45 thoughts on “New BMW M5 vs BMW S1000RR superbike

  1. ….well… so you demonstrate that a bike is less quick than a car on a very wet circuit… genius……

    1. Hey bro all of these car fans have forgotten one important thing… All of us know that bikes are slower in wet conditions but they can’t deny a bike’s advantages in traffic even on wet streets… I mean a bike can pass through the cars stopped because of the heavy traffic and yeah turn right n left like a snake and put a big smile on its owner’s face… END OF THE STORY

    2. +Ajay Kumar I never said that bike VS car has sense, in fact I said “if you want to state what vehicle is the best you have to put them in the best condition”, as in that case car will have much more grip and cornering speed, while on the other hand bike’ll have more acceleration. But I never said that bike VS car had sense 😉 surely, car VS bike on wet track has much less sense, that’s my point

    3. +Ninja8492 Yes, dry track, with a car and a bike of equal caliber.  get the money out of the equation, for reasons I stated above. if you are going with a bike that’s widely considered the best and quickest that the biking world has to offer put it up against the best that the car world can offer. no point or else. the bike will win and bikers just gloat (happens in 99.9999% of all YT car v bike vids)

    4. +Ajay Kumar well, if you have 4 wheels you HAVE more grip, it’s physic. You have more contact with the ground (and also, the friction is normal forse times friction coefficient. If the car weight is more than the bike’s one, then you have that mathematically the grip of the car is better than the one of the motorbike).  Finally, what you said at the end is what I said for all this time: the challenge is on the dry track, not on the wet track, as on a dry track you’ll have that a bike will have more speed, but it’ll have to brake much more earlier than the car, which will be also faster in cornering.

    5. +Ajay Kumar
       The Point is that a car is faster on the DRY street than on the wet street, ISNT IT? So its not a disadvantage for a car to fight a Motorbike in perfect condicions for both.

  2. Bike have a severe disadvantage when it’s wet out… It’s not at all like a car. A bike can actually slip and kill the rider much easier than a cage.

  3. What a stupid video.  So what did we see here?  Motorcycles are much faster due to their superior power to weight ratio.  However on a dangerously wet track they’ll have to slow down enough that a powerful car can almost catch them. 

    What’s next?  Can an Olympic sprinter wearing ski boots outrun a somewhat athletic high school student?  Tune in next week!

  4. I like videos like that. Guaranteed to have droves of dreamers putting in their poorly constructed comments. Bikes vs cars? I`m a 100% car man but bikes are 99% of the time faster unless they`re hyper cars or F1 cars.

    1. even then, some 1000cc bikes can beat out hypercars, and out accelerate an F1, for a short amount of time at least.

  5. Why doing this test on a wet road? Loosing grip in a bend would badly injure the S1000rr-rider. The M5 would just get dirty. This test makes no sense at all.
    Next test: M5 vs Snowmobile… on a dry f1-track in summer?

  6. idiot review, yes , an M5 is fast, but nowhere near a 1000rr in the dry. This review is as stupid as saying a shark can swim faster than a lion.

  7. Yeah lets put a bike on a wet road and put it up against a car……. on a dry road that car would of not even got close to it…. it would of lost ground….

  8. Haha an s1000rr on a wet track with leaves on and then on summer tires . Come on man a scooter will do just as fast . I am actually surprised that the m5 did not win big time.
    The s1000rr rider is probably riding in rain mode and the engine is restricted to 160hp .

    1. Who cares about Honda civic. Bikes are 100 times more fun than cars ?, do you drive BMW ?, because i driven both and choose BMW and Ninja H2 is good only on stright lane on circuit i can beat that with tuned E36. Look:

      M3 E36 V10 800HP+ vs Kawasaki zx10r 191hp

    2. +Hen zo who cares. 22K buys you a Ninja H2 and not a car in the world is going to catch that. and now bikes like the R1M have slide control and gyros. look, fast is fast, but I promise you the guy on the bike is having 100 times more fun and thrill. cars are cool too! but unless you have a fortune to spend on a car, and I mean a fortune, you will never beat a bike. your bolt on turbo civics are only cool at the stoplight game, nothing else.

    3. No doubt. I chuckle when I see guys who don’t ride spending several thousands of dollars on their cars to make them faster when you can go out and buy a cheap beater bike that’ll blow the doors off most cars lol.

    1. That’s not a true statement dear +MetaxaGallado 🙂 I own a car n yeah ride my bike to work instead… U know why??? Bikes r simply faster n smaller,easy to handle in heavy traffic… The difference here is that u need to have balls to ride a bike dear friend

    2. +George palaiologos Lol the only case i would prefer a car over a bike is when i want to transport 800 kg of load in rain and traffic jam. I bet you get bored when driving an automatic, because you dont know what to do with your right hand and left foot, right? I often get bored when driving car at all, because I don’t know what to do with my torso, my hip and even my fingers 😛

  9. One of the shittest test ever !!!! A 600cc would beat that bmw m5 on a dry track never mind 1000rr …. Makes me laugh wen almost every car vs bike race is in the wet …… Bikes rule on track end of

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