New 2019 Honda CBR400R Debuts at Milan show – New Honda Superbike 400CC 2019

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New Honda CBR400R 2019 First Look – New Honda Superbike 400CC 2019
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On October 3, 2018 at the Paris Motor Show, not a big move, except that exhibited a concept model that seems to be the prototype of CB650R Honda. However, came the new information in front of the Milan show in November.

CB-R series under the top from CB125R is to receive enough at once to CB1000R in the 2018 model year, the new series, which is unified with the image of all NEO SPORTS CAFE CONCEPT (Neo Sports Cafe concept). 2019, CB650R of parallel four-cylinder engine applied to it, it has become expected to be officially announced at the Milan show. At the same time CBR650F is CBR650R next, the conventional F concept that likely reincarnation in R's as previously reported. In addition, the (in Europe CBR500R) existing CBR400R new information also things that the model change, CBR-R have also been increasingly likely to be series of a common image.

Specifically,, CBR400R is a leading theory is that going to be a design that worked as sharp at the edges, like the CBR250RR. R is different from RR, ease of use, which also corresponds to the same tooling as the F system seems to be keep, it is likely to be a common image and the RR for the appearance. In other words, there is a large family stocked with looks that CBR, would be trimmed to the product configuration that branch family to R and RR in applications. It's likely to be thought of as a segregation similar to the unmarked and R of the Kawasaki Ninja (Ninja) series.

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