39 thoughts on “MV Agusta MotoGP 2019 Racing First look

  1. Perhaps MV should concentrate on spending money on their unreliable over priced road bikes before ploughing money into racing.

    1. F3 675 with 60,000kms and track day racing with two drops. Less than 1 thou wear on the valve clearance at the 60k service… a couple of annoying problems but no loss of horse power over the last 5 years. MV’s get a bad rap sometimes.

    2. I don’t know how the new ones are but I bought a neglected 2004 brutale 750 cleaned it up and did a couple things and it’s been great and very reliable

    3. +Chris Green I have a 2014 Rivale and the build quality is first rate with great detail touches and the paint is deep and beautifully coated. The biggest annoyance is the dealer network is thin on the ground but if you went to buy a Ferrari you would run in to the same issue there are simply more dealers selling Toyota’s, Suzuki’s and the like.

    4. +Chris Green is not a Premium product is a Premium Brand, is the same for Mercedes A Class , use (some) Renault engines and Renault mechanics part, cheap build quality and cheap plastics on door panels, but you don’t buy it for the quality, but for the brand , for show off … we are social animals, we need this stuff … is the same reason why we spend 500 € for a Gucci t-shirt, made in Italy by underpaid chinese, it’s low quality but you buy the brand…

    1. I think the Honda engine is more performant than a Triumph, good luck for the next season!

    1. desmo lisio i presupposti ci sono….il motore triumph è una garanzia, unito al telaio mv dovrebbe essere una combinazione perfetta, tanto più che loro usavano già un 3 cilindri…

  2. Ma quale …MV Moto2 …MA CHE MOTORE MONTA?
    (Non ho mai sopportato sto monomarca e lo vogliono fare passare per un mondiale )
    Guardatevi cosa erano i mondiali 125/250/ marche diverse veramente……
    Piloti che hanno costruito la storia motociclistica anche su cilindrate minori……In primis

  3. Perhaps a trellis frame is a big mistake,they are unlikely to make any difference, Ducati tried for years and finally switched to what really works. Perhaps they should have recycled an old wooden rollercoaster for their frame, at least it would have worked until the woodworm set in.

  4. Be like all other Agusta bikes?…. unreliable, slow ….. This is a Moto2 600cc bike and not a Motogp bike !

    1. Joseph Zothanpuia … You ask have I ever seen a Moto 2 bike … Lol, Why do you think it’s a prototype motorcycle? When you own a tricked built 1200 cc MegaBird owning also 2015 tuned R1 a moto 2 bike has little importance to me. I don’t call having 140/150 bhp… fast!! Maybe with you riding a little fart 300cc bike moto2 bikes might seem very fast to you! One day kid you might be strong enough to handle a 1000+ cc bike.

    2. Boomboom I’m sorry but this is obviously trash talk. While the Blackbird could take on the F3 675 and the 800 I would expect that. 1100cc straight line bike versus a three cylinder 800/675cc track bikes. Of course it could have a go. But no way would the Blackbird take on a F4. The horsepower deficit is too much.

      And your R1 could take on an F4, depending on rider skill and the amount of weight on the bikes, in a drag race. But on track, with equal riders, your R1 would be thrashed. The MV Augustas are very quick in their class and on the track which is what they’re made to do.

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