MotoGP™ vs. IndyCar

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What's faster: 2 wheels or 4? Dani Pedrosa pits his MotoGP bike against an IndyCar at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

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76 thoughts on “MotoGP™ vs. IndyCar

  1. Pure show. The only way you can race a bike against a car is by timing their laps. Too dangerous otherwise for the biker.

    1. @Carlo Piana I believe the MotoGP bike is going to be faster than the Formula Indy car. But I’ve already compared the times of MotoGP and Formula 1. F1 cars are much faster around a track – nearly ten seconds around Osterreich, for example.

    2. Você está dizendo que o cara do carro poderia golpear e derrubar o cara da moto? Entendi. 00:28 preocupação da moto de não fechar o carro. Em corrida de carro contra moto, os motociclistas GENTILMENTE, SEMPRE deixam o melhor traçado para o motorista. Mas, mesmo assim, 4 rodas sempre perde!

    3. khyoon14 tight or not the bike would be raped….before turbo F1 the moto gp and F1 shared monza and the F1 cars were 30sec a lap faster….no bike is beating an F1 car round a circuit, in fact nothing beats an F1 car round a circuit.

    1. Have had the pleasure of meeting both Tommy and Roger at Road America when they’ve each raced for Yoshimura Suzuki. Wish I could’ve met Nicky. That family is the salt of the Earth!

  2. Very much just for show.  There is no way the bike would be beating the Indycar in the corners, 4 tires will always beat 2 in terms of on the limit grip especially in the wet.

    1. Right. I got myself a CBR 954 RR Fireblade couple years back, last fall went new body kit and repainted it all so looks great now. This fall ive replaced plugs, coils, multiple sensors, added PC box, and re-set valves, little port/polish in heads/intake, moderate upper end refinement along w aftermarket race header and exhaust so she should have some extra juice (as if its not already scary with 154 factory HP and dry weight of 372 lbs!) anyway bro nice chat

    2. Chad Kimsey Yeah there are allot of idiots online so I don’t blame people for taking me seriously there lol. In fact, it’s the tech aspect of F1 that makes it boring imo

      Err hahah I ride a litre sports bike so for me, the contact area is my life as too the edges in the corners. If not scrubbed in correctly, that tire can be deadly. He obviously hasn’t experienced high powered machines. The tires are often an overlooked component. It’s why I don’t budget on them

    3. +Dave Thanks for clarifying that was an exaggeration…I was going to have to prove a car costs more than steering to you until I saw that. *also sarcasm, no one panic*

      No surprise it was Nander that tried to call you on your “mistake” there, in case you didnt notice he just finished educating me about how a tire’s contact patch area has absolutely nothing to do with grip. Good thing hes here to keep us all educated right?

  3. The guy who was on the motor bike always got the inside plus the Indy car driver had to be VERY careful that he did not hit him…

    1. It’s a motorcycle you psycho. You could end up killing the guy, and that’s only for exhibition, not a real race.

    2. If you can’t get pass without hitting the other driver/rider you are not fast enough and should stay behind. basic rule of racing dude…

  4. I don’t really care if cars are faster than bikes because bikes are fun, spectacular and the pilot is not simply a head that sticks out of the plastic. Watch any GP or even better the Isle of Man race, there is no better show on hearth.

    1. Link Zero
      Those bikes weigh 300 pounds and have 250+ horsepower, that’s like if that F1 had 2000 instead of 800
      Try RIDING one of those

  5. IndyCar runs the same course (The Indianapolis Grand Prix) as the MotoGP and can lap the circuit 23 seconds faster than the bike.  If you are not watching IndyCar races, you should.  The racing is phenomenal.

    1. i am not from the US and i find it more fun than F1 where u know the winner is going to be A or B, in indy everyone has a fair chance

    2. However, I think that with the layout the way it is NOW (not when F1 ran there) there is only a slight change of 1 chicane between the current IndyCar road course and the current MotoGP road course.

    3. F1 would be faster on the track as it is currently laid out. Or should I say, quicker. IndyCar would be faster on the oval, of course. 🙂

    4. GaryNelsonGroup I’m sorry but the IndyCar times can’t be compared to the MotoGP tkmes because they use different layouts of the track.
      While MotoGP and F1 used the same layout.
      F1 fastest lap at the Indianapolis GP is 1:10:399 (set in 2004 by Rubens Barrichello in his Ferrari F2004); while Moto GP fastest lap is 1:31:619 (set in 2013 by Marc Marquez with his Repsol Honda).
      So, I think it’s safe to say that an IndyCar series car would be faster (on this track) than a MotoGP bike. The real question is: which one would be faster, the F1 car or the IndyCar car?
      It would be interesting to test.

  6. Haha, I just researched it. The biker wasn’t even trying until the indy car got up to speed. I hope it was not to save face that there was a gentlemen agreement to make this close…

    1. Alexander Sergiwa yea yea yea,,, wanna try an F1 car next time? And don’t worry, an F1 car will use a freakin hard tyre 😊 (Just trying to save you bikers from a total and cruel humiliation).

    2. Well, it IS a promotion for MotoGP… Wouldn’t be much of a promotion if the bike is beat by a race car, then it’d just be an Indy GP promotion.

  7. This is so stupid. Indycar pole time on the same track is 23 seconds faster than MotoGP. Its all promotion!

  8. sorry to break the bad news but that was not an F1 car. The indy car would have smoked that bike in real race. Just an fyi.

    1. lol, the first Indianapolis 500 was run over a century ago, in 1911. The inaugural season of Formula 1 was 1950, so as a matter of fact America DID invent racing. Thanks for acknowledging that.

    2. What’s wrong with Americans inventing a sport? And at least Indycar is competitive racing, unlike F1. Gee let’s watch Mercedes win again….then Red Bull, then Ferrari…./yawn

    3. The nascar guys usually come from Sprint dirt oval cars that in basic drift full go with freakish power on tracks that are always mixed different from one another. It makes line choice a whole new game. We do like are tricks though, just ask Travis Pestrana. But Travis hangs with all kinds of guys from around the world & picked up rally pretty decent for not being a 4 wheel guy. And just picking up rally like that is no easy task I’m sure. He was also vary good friends with many Euro top drivers. As they seemed to have some pretty close bonds. Heck I love playing MXGP 2, vs the riders on the game. Or even GP and F1 games. Racing is such a great thing anywhere, cause it’s boundless by style or vehicle type and the many ways you can just go out the box and have something like Supercross born in the early 80s or so. Racing is racing, and evolving is part of the game.

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