MotoGP™ Rewind: A recap of the #MalaysianGP

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All the most unmissable moments from the #MalaysianGP in one place!

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76 thoughts on “MotoGP™ Rewind: A recap of the #MalaysianGP

  1. Marc was deliberately going slow in front of Rossi to let Jorge get away, then would “magically” find speed to pass Rossi when he was behind then slow down again once he was in front. Rossi has enough of Marc playing Jorge’s teammate and saw Marc on his side so he purposely ran wide on the line to block Marc and force Marc to run Wide, Marc Tried to tun in and hit Rossi on the side and fell over.

    Marc started the fight and Rossi ended it.

    1. +CANYON KILLER does your mommy know you’re swearing on the internet? Your comment is looking for anything to use as an argument. Marquez was riding dirty, got cut off and still tried to stick out the turn and fell off.

  2. 3 years later i’m year after what is just happened in Argentina, Marquez thinks that he could be remembered for these actions against valentino.He thinks he looks stronger than anyone doing these dirty things…But i’m still thinking as the majority of people and MOTOGP FANS(Not The sport that marquez does) that Valentino was able to win the title in 2015 but that child called Marc rovined everything with his dirty drive.So three years later im still hoping marquez pay what he made to valentino that year…

    1. This came from long ago. In 2015, Valentino finally saw himself as a contender after many years. As he had done lots of times before, and we had forgotten after his desert trip in Ducati, he used everything to win, no matter how. In Argentina there was this “incident” between Marc and Vale, where Rossi collided Marc on purpose, back wheel against front wheel, being absolutely aware of who was going down. You can even see him looking back, just a glimpse, right before the touch. First dirty move of that year for Vale. Then, in Assen, in the last corner, he did the second one. He opened up space for Marc and then closed it, seeking to touch the 93, what gave him the perfect excuse to skip the chicane and get in first. I can’t get mad with this move as I find it kinda old-school, veteranish or whatever you name it. But surely Marc took it worse. He was pissed and thought, OK, I may not win this title, but you won’t either. He was probably already thinking of beating that 9-title mark. Maybe if those 2 incidents had not happened, he wouldn’t have hindered Vale in Australia and Malaysia. I still think he should’t had done it, because I find it dishonest and very wrong, but Vale had it coming, for sure. Kick or not, which is something I find difficult to see, nothing, absolutely nothing, can justify what Vale did in Malaysia: braking much more than the usual for that corner, opening his trace and deliberately push Marc to the gravel. I remember I wasn’t surprised at all, for we have known Vale a long time…

    2. His lap times and championships will show people he was better/Faster than Rossi. He doesn’t care about sensitive fanboys.

  3. How Marquez just waited for his victim, he had to be punished, not Rossi. Yes Rossi gone wide to interrupt Marquez in his stupid behaviour, but Rossi kept is wide line. Marquez instead saw this, opend his line too but then tightend it again, drove in to rossi. leand on him and crashed while pulling Rossis leg of the footrest. Marquez battled like it´s about end of the last race and he has to win the championchip, but it was the start of the race with only to loose. Rossis passings where all clear instead of Marquez crossing Rossis line multiple times causing Rossi to avoid a crash.

  4. check out 2:42 in slow motion. You’ll notice the blue bike rider pushes the other one to the ground with his left leg. Hasn’t anyone noticed that ?

    1. do you understand centrufical forces? there going pretty fast in that situation and when you slip off the peg your leg will automatically go outward (towards marquez) and to me it seems like he just lifted his thigh to get marquez’s head away from him and slipped of the peg…

  5. Ignore the deluded Lorenzo fans. They must be as arrogant and blinded as he is if they can’t see that vale did nothing wrong. The end of the championship has been a disgrace on firstly Marquez’s part, but then secondly Lorenzo’s part by kicking and screaming to get his own team mate a harsher penalty. If Lorenzo wins this championship he wouldn’t have earned it, Marquez would have won it for him so enjoy the fake celebrations. If vale wins it, I’ll be booking a week off work to celebrate.
    One further point I’d like to make to the Lorenzo and Marquez fans that specifically slate vale’s ability: let’s see how quick they both are at 36 years of age. No-one in the history and future of the sport will ever be as consistently fast as Valentino Rossi over the length of their careers. That my friends is a fact.

    1. อๅนนเมปแใแใอ้ใ
      ใอืทอกาฝืเสทิ่มิออ ม อาด่

  6. Believe me or not rossi deserves title that year.. And clearly we can see how Marquez trying to destroy valentino race.. Marq was a cheater..

  7. Semua ini akan menjadi kenangan dalam sejarah moto gp… Bangga jd rakyat Malaysia kerana kita telah berjaya menganjurkan kejohanan sebesar ini….

    1. +Chandra Dinata tak pela bro..saya juga ingin mntk maaf sbgai org malaysia..saya bkn mahu mghina tapi mahu bgi kesedaran shja..indonesia pn boleh maju seperti malaysia janji kamu pilih presiden yang betul2 ingin majukan negara kamu jgn jd macam negara kami yang tertipu dgn najib selama 9 tahun..itu sebab kami pilih tun mahathir sbgai pemimpin kami semula dan terima kasih kpd polis negara kamu yg sudah tlg negara kami untuk kes kapal mewah najib baru2 ini..salam..✋

  8. Marquez is a fighter, why he didn’t continue his race? Think about it. And everytime he fell from his bike, he was angry and he jumps and shakes with his hands. Why he was so calm now? He knew what he was doing and he got what he deserves.

  9. Shame on you marquez, the moment i lost all my respect to that guy. I’m sure it wasn’t Rossi intention to let him fall off, but more like a sign ‘leave me alone and let me fight with Jorge for the championship’ But that wasn’t the deal between Jorge and Marc…

    Now, 2018, probably Marc is gonna win the title again, fair play. But i wished Rossi and another Italian like Dovi teamed up and robbed him the title. Would love to see the karma.

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