MotoGP™ Mugello 2014 — Biggest crashes

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A selection of spectacular crash footage from the Gran Premio d'Italia TIM.

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49 thoughts on “MotoGP™ Mugello 2014 — Biggest crashes

  1. Damn! Bradl fell really hard during warm up and then Cal’s bike caused another huge fall. Poor guy.

  2. I don’t see why people enjoy watching these clips (I understand the irony in me saying that on this vid). I think even the riders would prefer if we enjoyed the sport for best rides, overtakes, battles, underdogs etc,  not the negative and painful crashes and mistakes that can happen.

    1. +V Playone I understand, perhaps ‘enjoy’ was a poor choice of words. I only mentioned it as I’ve heard Lorenzo say in an interview, majority of Dorna highlights/ads are all crashes, not battles, victories. For example this clip aside from “slo-mos” is the longest video highlight from the whole of Mugello.

    2. As death is part of life, so are crashes part of motosports. Also not all people enjoy watching this, its just human curiosity.

    3. +n7hevn haha, it’s great to hear I’m not the only one. It’s commendable you’ve been harassing the producers, I will probably do the same. At least they’ve changed it to “Biggest Crashes”. Still.. bad they’re using crashes to sell the sport above the merit and skill of riders, mechanics and marshals etc.

    4. I agree!..  I harassed the MotoGP producers all last year with comments, when they kept listing these videos as “Best Crashes”…  That was really stupid!!!

  3. Bradl has had a terrible weekend, hope he’s ok and I hope we’ll see him back to his former self soon

  4. biggest crashes = BRADL  ;((( wenn es mich mal wieder legt,werd ich sagen: “mich hats ganz schön gebradlt…” ;)))

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