MotoGP Historic Battles — Rossi vs Stoner Laguna Seca 08′

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It was the moment that many will say shaped their future relationship. Valentino Rossi and Casey Stoner embarked on one of the most entertaining and exciting battles in MotoGP history in Laguna Seca in 2008, much to the delight of the US crowds and fans around the world. Relive it here!

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88 thoughts on “MotoGP Historic Battles — Rossi vs Stoner Laguna Seca 08′

    1. She said you’ve failed me now i will fail you. You said you’d win for me but you lost you dont love me. Lol

    2. +Meherunisa Meherunisa 1qv2356f

    1. ตุ้มผมไม่เคยมี

    1. Probably very video will be watched my huge number of indians. Cuz we have a huge population. So STOP ASKING THESE SHITTY QUESTIONS

    1. I bought my Aerox when i was 16, drove without a license for 2 months and got caught by the police in Christmas… In my country to have a bike(a fat one, i don’t know the name in english) you need to be 25+ and that sucks(some people say you can have it before 25 if you get your parents to sign something but i don’t think that’s true tho)

    2. You must be from first world country. Here in South East Asia, the biggest market for MotoGP, Everyone ride a motorcycle since kid.

    1. Electronics has ruin the sport for me. Rossi dominated motogp back then solely because of his talent

    2. +Nanderlizer Nanderlizer so you think 1 guy out of 33 winning 9 race out of 19 is sign of good competition? He even finish in the podium 14 times the other time he didn’t it because of he is crashing. Do you think that’s competitive. He even won the championship by over 96 point. To give you comparison, Lewis Hamilton from Formula 1 “only” manage to win the championship by 88 points. And Formula one is Boring.

    1. +hmc2s first you gotta understand Ducati that Rossi had was really terrible bike and they didn’t lisent to Rossi how to improve it. Dovi didn’t win a title on it because he isn’t as fast as Marc or Rossi. And Lorenzo wasn’t able to win either because he asked for simple personal modification which they did midway in 2018 and after that he started fighting for wins. You see where I am going with this. After that Ducati wasn’t able to win titles because they were shotting themselves.

  1. *This is the best race*
    *I have ever seen in Moto gp*
    *Top 2 racers challenging each other*

    1. It’s close, but the 2007 Catalunya GP takes that prize, Rossi, Stoner, and Pedrosa in a three way battle with Johnny Hopkins just on their heels, in front of Pedrosa’s home crowd. Epic

      Heres the link, it’s worth the watch .

    1. I think it’s completely fair if you want to be aggressive. What’s not completely fair is when you start bitching about other riders doing the same to you. And like Panzer said, he’s a hypocrite and a sore loser.

    1. what bullshit. MotoGP is bigger than rossi. YES without rossi there is moto gp like we saw with marquez vs dovi. Who cared where rossi was when these two guys were fighting for the win? right, Nobody! Maybe for you fanboys there is no moto gp without rossi, but for real racing fans the racing is more important than your rossi clown. Real fans will always watch MotoGP, wannabe fans will leave with Rossi, because they never was real fans. We wont miss you or him.

    2. MotoGP ain’t goin anywhere. There will be future greats as well. Although I think the greatest riders were from the golden era of 2 strokes through the mid eighties to mid nineties. The most ferocious of competitors on the most dangerous of machines. My favorite is Eddie Lawson.

    3. +Rifkha Ameliya Just jealous.And that fucking damn kid (MM) will gonna pay for his actions for helping Lorenzo get the title (the stolen one). Fucks these two spaniards.

    4. Rossi is a dirty legend, now he must face young gun, more dirty, more militan.. my sugest, just quit. we sick look a race track covering with fucking yellow

    1. +manonamountain you wrote – “The doctor would be competetive on a pedal bike.Anything lacking in a bike,is compensated by brains
      and balls…….very big ones.”

      However his time at Ducati proved your comment wrong.

    2. +I Komang Gunarsa I think rossi is past his prime now. It’s still amazing that he is competitive with the young guys and that people still compare him with the new talent. I hope he keeps racing, he does make motogp more interesting!

    1. Rossi should donate her mother best spaghetti ever th stoner bra her ruined his on line into corckscrew shueshovels american silicate then basically sliders n burgers into stoner to gather a handfull thats a tough italians dirt dig

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