MotoGP™ Classics – Barcelona-Catalunya 2007

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Highlights from a classic 2007 battle between Ducati's Casey Stoner and Yamaha's Valentino Rossi, with Honda's Dani Pedrosa in close pursuit at the Barcelona–Catalunya circuit. Can you remember who came out on top?

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74 thoughts on “MotoGP™ Classics – Barcelona-Catalunya 2007

  1. Stoner won just because of higher top speed of Ducati , he was defending all over the place …Rossi overtaking in corners , but on the straight its an easy pass for Stoner  just on topspeed ..if yamaha would have like 15 km/h more topspeed , Rossi would have won easily ………..

    1. I think that’s exactly what the other person was saying. Ducati doesn’t have that advantage in corners. It’s a flaw, without which, Stoner would have been “invincible to rossi”.

    2. +pradeepchinna in what year was the Ducati faster in corners ? they always had that topspeed advantage

  2. It is always rossi, rossi vs kenny roberts junior , rossi vs biaggi , rossi vs stoner , rossi vs lorenzo and now the new one rossi vs marquez. Form is temporary but class is permanent.

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    1. word is that he’s still got his touch even after all these years from what I’ve heard about his results at the last season’s bike testing at Sepang

  3. Very nice. Would have loved for Rossi to win it though. Haha it’s funny that whenever Stoner beats Rossi it’s always about “Why Rossi didn’t win”, and not about how “Stoner beat Rossi”. I think it’s because Rossi’s always being seen as the underdog. He’s a great rider, but it’s as if he always has something to prove. That next win, is that something, and most of support him for that reason without knowing it. Stoner’s done an exceptional job beating Rossi with a bike that isn’t as good around the corners, but is lightning fast on the straights. But still, I don’t care too much that Stoner managed to beat Rossi. I would’ve liked for Rossi to win.

    1. +MrMilan90 what are yours? that Rossi won thanks to his skills and not because of stoner’s injury while Lorenzo won because of Rossi’s injury and not thanks to his skills?

    2. +akashjefe Definitely agree man congrats.Btw he is allready the greatest for me at least…Cheers man..

  4. Quanti kmh era più veloce la ducati rispetto alla yamaha? chi è obbiettivo saprà ammettere che la Ducati era una bellissima moto in quegli anni,comunque chapeau a Stoner che era veramente forte, peccato che non reggeva lo stress bene altrimenti avrebbe potuto regalarci altre battaglie all’ultimo sangue!

    1. +manuel pellegrino non era tanto la velocità di punta, ma l’accelerazione in questo spettacolare GP, la differenza l’ha sempre fatta Stoner. In Ducati i compagni di squadra prendevano mediamente 1.9s al giro, un alieno, la storia dello stress ce l’ha racconta Meda con la sua comprovata imparzialità. 
      Quello mi manca di più nella motogp è Stoner e la sua assurda guida sui cordoli, pagherei di tasca mia per vederlo ancora correre, niente mi ridarà quelle sensazioni.

    1. Daar komt een eind aan aan dat Rossi gebeuren haha he need a doctor wil die ooit nog eens wereld kampioen worden , voor nu —> Marquez 93 —> the king off MotoGP

  5. +GTLB302 Rossi won 46 races in his first 100 GP, Stoner 45 in 176.
    Rossi 108 first places in 312 races (34,5%), Stoner 45 in 176 (25,5%). Rossi 196 podiums in 312 races (62,8%), Stoner 89 in 176 (50,5%).

    Stoner 12 seasons: 45 first places, 89 podiums, 2 championships (2 second place, 1 third, 2 fourth, 1 fifth, 2 eighth, 1 twelfth, 1 twenty-eighth )
    Rossi in his first 12 seasons: 88 first places, 135 podiums, 7 championships (4 second place, 1 third place).

    Stoner 7 years in MotoGP, 2 championship (1 second place, 1 third, 2 fourth and 1 eighth).
    Rossi in his first seven years in MotoGP/500 win 5 championship (2 second place).

    Stoner in 2012 obtained 78 points less than Pedrosa. Rossi in his first 12 season, never  obtained less points than his teammate. Never.
    Only one time Rossi ranked after his teammate, in 2010 when he broke his leg.

    Rossi is 36 years old, is an official biker of Yamaha Team and is the vice champions of the world. Stoner is a fisher.

    1. Nicola Dal Corso rossi started on the best factory bike, stoner had to start on a small company’s satelite bike

  6. look how late rossi braking to overtake casey i wonder why i never see him brake like that nowadays

    1. +David Flores There is the question of tyres as well.

      Rossi was fairly vocal about what he felt was an advantage Stoner had in 2007 using Bridgestones and did a fair bit of jumping up and down in front of Yamaha team management over the winter to swap over for 2008.  This would surely have been a very expensive move.  Contracts would have to be torn up and I’m guessing a whole load of money would have to change hands for that to happen.  Remember the wall between his and Lorenzo’s pit garages because Lorenzo was still using Michelins?  Pedrosa would later do the same and swap tyres over mid season.

      I’m sure Rossi would say that, if he’d had Bridgestone tyres in 2007, he would have won more races than he did but it is, of course, impossible for anybody to know for sure.  However, I think he’d also say that he’d proved himself right in 2008 by taking the world title again.  In a fairly emphatic manner.

    2. +Adi Nugroho after of one legend , go another , and another and another. rossi  had always the better bike and materials  in yamaha honda in yamaha and now in yamaha another time …. but those not does one legend does one champion and valentino he is a great !!!  dohan was a great champion  …. and lorenzo and marquez going to way 

    1. 93 you meen ,Rossi need a doctor wil he ever take the champion back for now and future it is Marquez : Mark Marquez the new champion and his skills rossi can dream about it haha 93 for ever

  7. Why so many dislikes?? If you’re a real fan of the sport, you should appreciate this amazing race, even if your favourite rider didn’t win!!

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