MotoGP™ 2014 Biggest crashes

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The most spectacular crashes from the premier class of the MotoGP™ World Championship in 2014

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68 thoughts on “MotoGP™ 2014 Biggest crashes

  1. All those people saying that open cockpits in F1 is an unacceptable danger must not know wtf to do with MotoGP.

    1. I just stopped watching F1 because of that stupid bar they put in front of the cockpit. Gonna give Motogp a go!

  2. Think this really shows how far safety gear has come. A decade ago some of those guys would have probably not been getting up, yet nowadays these guys can wreck doing well over 100 and be back the next weekend.

    1. Any kind of mc dsplacement will kill you if not using proper gear, Here in asia specially philippines has more fatal/death accident using 100cc up to 150cc Mc’s ,

  3. I always love to see the riders stand up and walk away after these heavy crashes. The safety regulations are great

    1. No. These people are not landing gracefully on the ground. They’re hitting the ground hard and sliding across at incredible speeds. He injured his wrist. He’s not adjusting his glove.

      Watch the clip in slow motion at .25 speed.

  4. Imagine if this was sent to space and it was received and they’re just watching like wow this is what humans do

  5. to be honest some of the more mundane crashes when they just slide along the ground without hitting the gravel seem pretty fun

    1. Harry Johnson yes yes u just jus- just u had it….me also think that… its lots if fun sliding in very speed .but if there is no hurt on skin…lots of fun

    1. My first bike was a 77 GL1000. 4 cylinder 1000cc’s, never dropped or even knocked it over, it’s all in how you ride.

    2. +Patrickisnt You have to have your licence for 2 years before you can move onto bigger bikes 🙁 I’m pretty happy I got a 125 though, it’s been a big learning curve. I’ve made so many mistakes, dropped it, crashed, gone to A&E. It’s been an eventful few months but now I’m no longer nervous and feel confident to go on to bigger bikes

    3. both of you should go for it! I would recommend the ninja 300, or cbr500r even or a dual sport for first bikes. whatever you decide just get out on two feels and feel the wind!

  6. I think it’s funny when they are sliding

    but it’s brutal when they are falling from the bike on the asphalt. ….

    1. Zerkon you havent even drived their motorcycle you moron what are you talking about? Have you ever turned a bike like they do? Touching the ground? No? Then shut up

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