Moto Racer 4 | First 25 Minutes on Nintendo Switch

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Finally! High-octane arcade racing is back in action. Master two racing styles: the all-out speed and aggression of road bike racing combined with the stunt-fueled trickery of dirt bike action. Stricly zero boring “simulation elements”, oh no! This is 100% about speed, fun and raw challenge and energy. If you have fond memories of no frills arcade racing, then Moto Racer 4 will deliver the hit of adrenaline you’ve been craving!

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18 thoughts on “Moto Racer 4 | First 25 Minutes on Nintendo Switch

  1. the very first moto racer was so good, shame it only got worse over the years, even the second game wasn’t very good, the 1st aged very well

  2. I thought this game (on ps4) was a very fun throwback to the classic arcade days of racing games and it was super fun with a ton of challenge it’s a game you need to learn but can see the people don’t like that…

  3. Looks just as bad as expected. You have a console several times more powerful than a Xbox 360 and yet you make your game look barely even that good.

  4. Wow that’s rough. I bet it’s absolute hell in handheld mode. Not sure why they even ported this one, it got shockingly bad reviews on everything else years ago.

  5. The more race games look like 90’s and 2000’s arcade games the better. And this one looks like a lot of fun.

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