How to lift a fallen Motorcycle – Demonstration at Harley-Davidson Stand at 2013 NY Motorcycle Show

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85 thoughts on “How to lift a fallen Motorcycle – Demonstration at Harley-Davidson Stand at 2013 NY Motorcycle Show

  1. I tried this with my neighbours motorcycle. His motorbike doesn’t have side stand and it got damaged both the sides. He is searching for me.

  2. Nice. Got it. Next time my bike falls, get the nearest woman to squat it back up. Thankyou.

    1. Amen x10 but the new styles are looking spiffy I must say as they finally got wind that people are sick of these old overdone styles and took a page from japanese and european manufacturers on style

    1. Well yeah, I thought that’s what everyone did? I Accidentally burnt my toast the other day so I had no choice but to buy another house.

  3. Thank god I saw this video I can Finally pick my bike up that fell 4 years ago, 👍🏻 now I can ride it again

    1. Hows it feel to win the internet? Most likes I have ever seen. You must be proud. Please accept this additional thumbs up as your reward.

    2. +Piyush Agarwal btw motorcycle companies should be held liable for glorifying bike racing fast bikes which result in crashes

    1. Roll your hand on 45degree ,use your force of finger and scratch hardly and try to keep in memory any wild animal like tiger, lion or something it will help in the process . Thank you

    1. That’s true man….but sometimes i don’t look around and just drive ….cus I know they r staring at me

    1. +Ethan Biggs the average adult can leg press 1000 lbs with the correct form. It’s just a psychological thing

    1. Felepeno what? Are you a cloistered monk?
      Don’t know anybody that rides a motorcycle?
      You need to get out more and meet some people. Also….. you have no idea of the fun your missing… a lot of doomsayers poo poo riding but in the end it’s all on you. Expect the unexpected and you’ll do just fine. Riding a bike will teach you what defensive riding is really all about. Make you a better car driver also..
      Just sayin

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