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The flagship day of the Barbados Festival of Speed welcomed Lewis Hamilton and his 2013 V8 F1 Car. He was having loads of fun, and raced against a Yamaha R1M Superbike around Bushy Park Race Circuit!

Watch my friend pick up his brand new Lamborghini:

Huge thank you to @VirginHolidays for making this entire trip possible! This is a sponsored video.

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    1. No, its high tech against hi tech. Weight against power, four wheels against two wheels. A bike has normally such a huge advantage by weight/power ratio against ANY car on a drag race that you have to spend much more money and power to keep up normally.You can buy a 20k motorbike and win easy from an M5 or RS6 although they cost 7x the price. However F1 cars are the ultimate design from any designs for driving fast on a circuit. Also here, the win not because of price Tag but by phisics. First a F1 is ofcourse much lighter then a usual car so this advantage is already much smaller. A motor can’t deliver this amount of power just on one or two weels. Secondly, an F1 can drive much faster through corners then any bike, through its four wheels and its downforce. Here the fast GP driver against David Couldhard. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7tlxG1-aWtI&t=1s the bike has no chance. Even if Guy Martin is a genius driver.

    2. In terms of price, yes. But we are comparing a high level car with a high level bike, so in this case it isn’

  1. Hamilton was obviously told to “keep it interesting” here, otherwise he would have flushed that crotch rocket after like 2 seconds. 🙂

    1. +James Cree Why make the comparison?If you want a car ,get one ,same for bikers ,the amount of rubber on the road ,downforce DRS 700+ hp ,four massive carbon/Kevlar brakes ,tucked into a cockpit,no chance of falling off ,more electronics than NASA,a team of experts just to set it up,not counting ,sheer cost.

    2. God u have the fastest car in the world and yes its pulling on a superbike on road its takes a hell of a lot of car to beat a bike there is even a video of a stock s1000 r smashing a vayron yes cars have the potential to be faster that bikes but the vast majority of cars are not and the ones that do cost huge amounts of money and for that reason bikes are just better way better more fun and there is no better feeling as battering a 100k car on a 6k bike 😂

    1. +baassie123 Alchohol is banned in most muslim countries : Dubai and bahrain. As for the max kyvat switch. It was inevitable. Kyvat is a decent driver and a place holder until something better came. Red bull promoted kyvat after one year because seb’s sudden departure to ferrari. Kyvats screw up in russia was just the excuse dr helmut marko needed to get max into RBR.

    2. Dankjewel Baas! Ja ik vond het ook leuk om je mening te horen dan krijg je er toch een anders perspectief op! Jij ook nog een fijne nacht en het zou al helemaal tof zijn als Ben ook nog even iets liet horen XD

    3. +Martijn Kortenhoeven bedankt voor je gesprek Martijn. Je bent de tweede vandaag (of ja gister) waarmee er ‘gefilosofeerd’ werd over de stappen van Red Bull. Ik wens je nog een fijne nacht toe en mogen we genieten van aankomende race en het volledige seizoen. Bedankt voor je gesprek en het ga je goed!

    1. Tom The only race where a Kawasaki H2R (not the R1) would succeed against a F1 car would be a drag race. As soon as corners come into the equation, the F1 would win hands on

    2. Michael Ingoe true!!in a recent video red bull f1 was smoked by a kawa h2r just think what a MotoGP bike would do

    1. +Werdna Dracip it’s to do with the aerofoils that push the F1 cars wheels downward ! There is no comparison in the down thrust on the front wheel of the bike . To much power on the back wheel and you are doing a backward somersault

    2. Werdna Dracip, even without numbers to back his claim if you realize why both race vehicles are faster than normal vehicles you would see the logical reason an F1 car is going to always be faster (given current technology). Both have much better power to weight ratios than normal vehicles and both are lighter than normal vehicles. This means in and of itself that both should accelerate, brake and corner better than normal production vehicles. Where the advantage of the F1 car begins to show itself is that it will never accelerate hard enough to lift it’s front end and it has probably 6 times (if not more) square inches of rubber on the ground to push itself forward. The F1car is not dependent on leaning into a corner to achieve the most grip so it can transition from turn to turn quicker than a biker that has to lean up and over to the other side to have the grip to turn. Finally, Aerodynamics, the F1 car generates more of it at speed than the car itself weighs while the bike generates no down force at all.

    1. +john carl the isle of man course is all public roads and probably not enough ground clearance on an F1 car

    2. F1 car if it could drive around would be way way way faster than any bike thats been around there….Hamilton in a F1 car at the Isle of Man TT track could go around 10 times and set the track record 10 times without even pushing it.
      There is no comparison.

  2. This track isn’t fair to the car. Take them both to Indianapolis speedway and watch the bike get lapped about 5 times.

    1. lol do you really think the car needed any more of an advantage, it already just toys with the bike on every single level

    1. its a fucking bike that any normal person can buy and ride. Thats a few million dollars prototype car. Its a bit obvious that its gonna beat the bike…..

    2. Felipe Nocedal butthurt bike fan.

      its just physics. theres only so much an engine strapped to your balls can do. they’re as fast as bikes are probably gonna get on the track

  3. Not much of a challenge. Put him up against a Moto GP bike and lets see what happens, not this street legal tin can.

  4. Actualmente no hay nada que supere a un F1 en una pista …y eso que ya le quitaron cilindros y caballos de fuerza y tratan de hacerlos menos veloces siempre consiguen ser más veloces …

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