Jorge Lorenzo Honda MotoGP Valencia Test Day 1

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Jorge Lorenzo Honda MotoGP Valencia Test Day 1

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50 thoughts on “Jorge Lorenzo Honda MotoGP Valencia Test Day 1

    1. Stone XD that’s exactly what I thought. Too much ego together… but once again, we’ll see Marquez competitiveness prevail.

  1. Cool to see Lorenzo on a Honda and a Team mate to Marquez. Note:- MotoGP will probably shut your video down for copyright infringement unless you are authorized. They don’t play.

    1. +Rata 4U if you don’t have anything better to do than being a tough guy swearing at someone while you are safe behind your screen than you are just pathetic, get out of here!

    2. +Rata 4U Hey tough guy!! Calm down you’re scaring everyone here oh mighty name calling one! Do you want a hug?

  2. Suzuki has something cooking in that factory. It may be one day, the rebirth of kevin schwanz! Im really loving this! As a 30 year fan of GP from the days of the 500’s, this mix up is as dramatic as it gets.

    1. Its lovely to hear someone like U writing abt Suzuki 34… Yes those were fantastic times esp Hockenhiem ’91!!! GOD of late breaking & Mr. Auto Blipper U Clearly are ignorant abt MotoGP

  3. Full credit to Tito Rabat for testing today and getting back on the bike , looking at him reminds me of Mick Doohan , coming back from injury at the end of the 1992 season in Interlagos Brazil

  4. I’m not a huge JL fan, but the comments about him not doing well… they forget he is one of the smoothest riders around, and smooth works on lots of different bikes!

    1. D.B. That’s what worries me. Honda’s are not smooth bikes, they have to fought aggressively to keep the power in check. That’s why Marquez does so well with it, because he’s constantly pushing the limits and always on the edge of crashing. I’m so curious what a smooth rider like Lorenzo will do with that RC-213

    1. Gigi Cmp Marquez will still win cuz jorge will struggle in the first few races. He brought great advsntage to HRC being a Ducati rider.

  5. Jonas folger is back.. i happy him back motogp.. folger same team with mordelli right.. im wrong i sorry that.. hihi

    1. +The Stig’s English cousin to be fair rossi won most of his titles without traction control aids and other technological advancements that the bikes have nowadays. There will only ever be 1 rossi. Marquez is an amazing rider tho and not taking nothing away from him.

    2. @Ultimate Resolve – These are test runs, no need to be racing the bike to its fullest potential risking a fall and crashing the bikes. They are looking for rider input to tweak the bikes for 2019 races. 2019 will be a very interesting year for Motogp, Ducati, Honda, Yamaha.

    3. +SKYBLUE 100 HAHAHAHA what a buthurt Rossi fanboi. Marquez is ten times the rider Rossi ever was. 25 years old and 7 world titles, you know he’s gonna get into double figures and knock Rossi off his pathetic little pedestal. Rossi is and always has been a complete and utter throbber. Remember how good he was on the Ducati after costing them millions with his constant demands and whinging? What a knob.

  6. Comparing riders isn’t fair, I know, but does anyone remember… Casey Stoner got pole position on Ducati on Saturday, came out and went fastest in testing on the Honda on Tuesday, first time he’d ridden it

    1. I like Casey(a big fan of his), and I’m a Lorenzo fan after Casey left MotoGP. On the subject of comparing them, Jorge is riding injured here and Casey was in full health at the time and you can quite certainly state that jumping from the Ducati for Honda when Casey did he rode a Ducati that was a nervous and edgy bike, Jorge jumped on a Ducati that was much more rider friendly so the Honda could be harder to adapt to since he does not have Stoner’s riding style where he just man handles the bike which in turn made jumping on a Honda so much easier.

    2. +DAVID Marshall It’s my belief that Bridgestone, because of their personal contract with Rossi, made sure that Stoner didn’t get the best tyres for the rest of his career.
      It’s only natural that a rider that personally advertises a product and is paid to do so must be seen to be the best. Rossi had this personal contract also with Michelin and got specials made and flown in overnight for the sunday warm up and race after poor qualifying.
      Whether Rossi was complicit in this is unknown, but he publicly stated that Gibernau would never win another race, and he didn’t, but that wasn’t down to Rossi, or to Honda who provide the same access to parts and data for all their factory riders, so my guess is that what Rossi wanted at Bridgestone Rossi got; Dorna even paid off the rest of his Michelin contract so he could make the switch to Bridgestone, and also negotiated Rossi’s contract with them.
      The wall in the Yamaha garage when Lorenzo came in was put there at Rossi’s insistance, best thing to happen to Motogp will be when Rossi retires, can’t stand the man and his insistance on privilege.
      Stoner was the best rider I’ve ever seen, he could have put my vmax on pole at Phillip Island, I too miss him loads.

    3. +Vmax4steve this is exactly my view at the time when rossi moved to ducati. we all knew the ducati has had a stonking engine, but what must have rossi thought when he first tried to hustle that bike. just goes to prove what a talent stoner was/is. I miss him loads, and it’s my dearest wish for him to return, but we know that will never happen.

  7. Depends on how well he adapts to the equipment he’s offered. He and Rossi was and still is the one’s who adapts the worse when things are not exactly how they want it. Their Ducati days have been way worse than others to say the least.
    I’m pretty sure Lorenso will adapt better and quicker to the Honda, but there is still another spaniard in that team lol. Both Stoner and Marquez has that agressive style of manhandling the equipment, and Lorenso has always been all about smooth. Pretty sure he’ll have a hard time fighting with Marquez, but it’s always fun to see if the racing dynamics will change, from a viewers perspective.

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