36 thoughts on “Honda CB300R India – First Look | ICN No Filter

    1. Dude Dukes do have it, but something about this bike when viewed from the front screams FAT, which ain’t the case with the DUKES..
      May be the round and full Headlights gives it THE BULK as opposed to monotonous LEAN MEAT sports bikes 😁

  1. When we get more Power and torque…Re650.. within same price..who the dumbhead will purchase this so called” CKD” version.😁😁

    1. Reliability of Honda bikes are hundred times better than RE bikes. Besides RE650 look is not very appealing, it’s a very normal, usual sort of looking bike. But this bike has techno macho look.

  2. Honda wale pagal hein..

    Honda CB125R Neo Sports model launch karte to sare bikes ka market 100% down hota..

    Aur us model ke liye lambi lambi line lagti..

    Pure market mein dhamal machti.

    Duke 125Cc bike bhi fail ho jati..!!

    1. That would require a total different assembly set up for just 1 bike. Which is probably not gonna achieve even 1000 bikes at sales chart in a year.

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