Haha!! FUNNIEST RACE of Marc Marquez vs Dani Pedrosa of MotoGP

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This race will make you laugh! once in lifetime race between motogp riders dani pedrosa and marc marquez using a moped motorcycle !

40 thoughts on “Haha!! FUNNIEST RACE of Marc Marquez vs Dani Pedrosa of MotoGP

    1. Sure but the company’s ultimate goal is to “SELL BIKES” so if you think helping them making money so they will be able to continue funding your team is stupid then i guess you can join the Kawasaki team….oh wait… 😂😂🤣🤣

    2. +Mohamad Afiq they hired you not to race only…you must help them in marketing…that money will keep RnD running to upgrade rider future motogp bikes….stoner just being ego…

    3. +amolinabar Stoner left motogp because he said that there’s too much PR and marketing in motogp nowadays. He told the press that he came to race, not to do these kind of thing like Marquez and Pedrosa did here.

  1. トッププロライダーももっとコミカルでも良いくらい、観る側としては本当に面白い。

  2. Funniest Damn thing I’ve ever watched…! Like a bunch of VW Beetles trying to pass each other, “MC’d” in a language you don’t understand…. SMILED ALL THE WAY THROUGH this Vid…! Thanks for posting…! Gordon

    1. Don’t say that bro we can’t get rid of this bike they are still selling them over here and yeah I’m from pakistan lol

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