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Follow Guy Martin and his Tyco Suzuki Superbike weapon for a mad dash around the famous Isle of Man TT course, as he chases BMW mounted Michael Dunlop!

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86 thoughts on “GUY MARTIN vs MICHAEL DUNLOP @ 200mph! PURE ADRENALINE! On Bike POV Lap! Isle of Man TT RACES

    1. +AtomicSquirrelHunter that way, when the video gets to the straight, Dunlop’s high speed motorcycle doesn’t wash you clear off!

  1. In addition to the previous comment. Seriously this video shows that the IOM TT in real terms is the premier vehicle event in the world. F1 is just plain boring when compared to this.

    1. +The Anime BoxNot at all talking about danger. F1 is boring because the cars can’t follow each other and there is a big disparity between the top teams and the midpack and backmarkers. For example, GT racing is a safe sport, much safer than F1, yet it is still exciting because the cars actually get to race one another. As you explained, racing isn’t fun or exciting because it’s dangerous. F1 has other problems that make it boring.

    2. +Miles Tiller Fun isn’t gauged by how dangerous something is. By that logic gang shootouts are way more fun than these races will ever be.

    3. The Anime Box Singapore GP 2018, Australian GP 2018, Spa GP 2018, Canada GP 2018, Monaco GP almost every year, Spain GP except for baguette boy crash. Need I say more. F1 is great and all but sometimes it’s just so damn boring.

    4. The only thing the isle of Man can be compared with.
      Is combat!!!
      Thousands of miles away from home.
      totally surrounded, outnumbered,
      while having to pee*
      And doing just that!!

    1. Yeah yeah like achors. He has to go where his ballz go. Similarly I follow my nuts, but for different reasons. 😳 snik

    1. i think you are wired too tight to sneeze,i would imagine.but he did get the wobbles a couple times,maybe he did sneeze lol.

    2. Your breathing rate is constant. Adrenaline is doing it’s job. There is no way to sneeze brother. Even if so, the brain will stop it automatically.

    1. “Never tracked, used for some school runs every fortnight and the occasional ride around the neighborhood. 7k RPM in 3rd at most.”

    1. Let’s put them on a proper motogp bike and let them set them time on tracks that they aren’t familiar with like Sepang. I bet they will be at least 3s off the pace to a pole sitter.

  2. was chatting with a mate a few days ago and the tt races came up. he said ” those people must have a death wish!!”. so for me….i dont really know that much about this sport, so i did a little research. now having done some research when i see my mate next i’m gonna pull him on what he said. because for me these men and women that take part in this do not have a death wish in any way shape or form….in fact its the complete opposite. i think they have an absolute love of life, and they live there lives to the fullest doing the thing that they love and enjoy. and really isnt that what we all want!! big up all tt racers past and present!!!

    1. Every time I watch anything on or about the isle of Man. I’m in awe. It’s called living!!! it’s not about dying.🙂 Dying is easy.

    2. Yeah that’s what they say isn’t it: “those guys live more in 10 minutes than most people do in a lifetime”. But it’s a completely self-indulgent thing to do by men with more interest and love for a selfish (and often fatal) thing than their own families – often with young children. And encouraged by the likes of us who support what they do.

    1. the other 9 are also shot at high speed during the isle of man tt races ….. enjoy watching gods play among humans

  3. Well it isn’t called the Isle of “MAN” for no reason. This is where the big men go to play where one mistake means your life is over these guys are racing for the highest stake possible their lives.

    1. +ushoys I read that Michael has switched to rally cars, after the recent death of his brother (the third in his family to die from motorcycles).

    2. Neither Michael Dunlop or Guy Martin are dead yet, though it seems likely they will both be killed in motorocyling accidents.

    1. “Depend upon it, sir, when a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight, it concentrates his mind wonderfully.” – Samuel Johnson

  4. I don’t know how they do it! It’s not just the blazing speed, but the transition from daylight to shadow. At 180Mph some of those shadows look like the road – I would die within the first two miles by running into either a tree or a stone wall. These guys are in the truest sense of the word – FEARLESS!

  5. ” hey babe I’ll be back in a few minutes going to run to the store with Mike… I promise no racing each other”
    Guy Martin

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