Fenati and Ajo clash in Moto3 warm-up

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Romano Fenati got 3 penalty points for displaying agressive behaviour and poor sportmanship towards Niklas Ajo and will therefore start the Argentina race from the last slot on the grid having reached a total of 4 penalty points.

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74 thoughts on “Fenati and Ajo clash in Moto3 warm-up

  1. Respect to the MotoGP channel for putting this up on your channel. This could have easily been swept under the rug and never seen.

    1. Actually it was shown and taped already, so everybody knew of the event, and since they solved the issue they thought it would bring publicity to put it on YouTube. Trust me, if it were a serious issue, not recorded and they had not solved it properly, they would never show it to anyone except their lawyers.

  2. And now pressing another rider’s brake on a start straight… he should be banned for life. He clearly has anger issues and is very disrespectful toward others

    1. JO 7Z When have you seen Marc punch, kick, turn other riders bikes off, grab brakes at 130mph? You just hate Marc because you follow other idiots. In 2015 Rossi took marquez down twice on purpose and clear as day tells lies about Marc on TV to use his popularity to get idiots like you to hate Marc. https://youtu.be/CAPSH-4SG5w watch 0:19 when Rossi takes a clear look at Marc and picks the bike up earlier than usual because he knows Marc will crash 100%. Rossi is a good guy, Marquez is a good guy, both just as competitive. Use your brains before making stupid claims man.

    2. Agastya Pradnyana Marco Simonchelli was the most dangerous rider i have seen. Injured Pedrosa badly and caused many really dangerous moments. I’ve seen all the races four times since 1988. Sad that he is gone though.

    1. +Lakshmi Narayan It’s called a Kill Switch, always has, always will.
      It took two years but now you know.

  3. Fenati deserves a ban for doing what he did at 0:09 no matter what Ajo did to him before. I will never cheer for Fenati again. Woe to him!

    1. Thanx Brandon – I was actually replying on Tani’s question which was : “Hi Guys what’s the problem with hitting the kill switch on a race bike? Can you please explain? If I’ve touched it, I can start the engine again.” But I accidentally replied under your post haha. All good!

    1. Be sure,no body can insult an Italian rider,cuz simply we don’t care who iz he from this finati or wat doesit named

    2. Pls don’t say like that. A country is not represented by a single person. There must be huge no of Italians who must be having similar idiology like you have. Be strong. God bless all

    3. Then what do you think about terrorists who happen to be muslim? By your logic it should just be that individual terrorists fault and not the fault of billions of other innocent muslims.

    1. “We can communicate that the Marinelli Snipers Team shall terminate the contract with the rider Romano Fenati, from now on, for his unsporting, dangerous and damaging conduct for the image of all,” read a team statement. “With extreme regret, we have to note that his irresponsible act endangered the life of another rider and can’t be apologized for in any way. The rider, from this moment, will not participate in any more races with the Marinelli Snipers team.”
      This message was launched from his team. He got kicked off from his team and ripped his agreement with MV Agusta and got suspended for 2 races. His career is likely over.

  4. Attempting to apply another rider’s brake at 140kmph speed is equal to attempt murder. He deserves a lifetime ban. A real psycho he is.
    PS: I’m saying this regarding 2018 San Marino race incident.

    1. +EnglishOmega still I can’t believe what happened that day. Just shocked. Am I watching Moto GP or road rash. How can he do like that. I Lost the respect which I kept on Moto gp.

    1. +Luca Crocetti è vero. Certamente avrebbe dovuto essere scaltro e lasciar correre. Però quello che ha fatto Manzi (che ora piagnucola) non è da meno. Fenati doveva ingollare e lasciar correre, anche se in certi momenti la vena ti si chiude. Peccato perché si è rovinato.

    2. +Lord Beerus non per me…poteva ancora continuare a correre in moto e togliersi qualche soddisfazione ,invece purtroppo gli e’ stato ritirato il patentino…un vero peccato perche’ era un bel pilota , ed anche mio concittadino ,quindi figurati se non lo tifavo, con un po’ di furbizia avrebbe potuto gestirla diversamente, anche se mi rendo conto che l’adrenalina sta a tutta in certi frangenti.

  5. Misano 09/09/2018 Loris Reggiani : ” da denunciare per tentato omicidio”. he should be reported for attempted murder.

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