Crash! Amazing Minibikes and Karts Compilation

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Crash action from the British Minibikes and British Karting Championships.

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78 thoughts on “Crash! Amazing Minibikes and Karts Compilation

  1. It sounds so professional but I can’t take it seriously because of how funny they look on the mini bikes.😂

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    1. Raul R. O U stupid they are doing like 60-90 maybe more and why r u judging kids that are actually racing we can say risking theyr lives just to win to achive something in ur life and ur just siting there watching youtube qvideos (alotmofmpeople do ghat i dont say i dont i do but not always) and u cant even ride that motorcycle so and btw they are crashing because of reasons some kids just stand there and dont go other go and when they take a sharp turn if the front or the back wheel just moves not in the direction it need to then BOOM the kid goes down so do u get my explanation cuz i bet u dont cuz idk what im typing dont judge me

    1. +Nam Phan yeah when I did karting one crazy guy dammed his kart on my side after I got spun out even tho there was yellow flags and I was 10 then I hurt my arm but I was ok

  2. All of these kid probably have parents with the wage of 100K+ each this stuff is soo expensive

    1. And they’re probably single children cause my dad makes 110k but he has six kids and we’ve never had enough for all this fun stuff

    2. +Boy On Da Bike9 you can get race ready bikes for penny’s. Mini bikes are less than 1k for a race ready bike

    1. Many years in the future.

      “Hey dad, what did you do at my age?”
      “Oh I took part in kart racing.”
      “Ah cool, like mariokart and circus things”
      “No. REAL kart racing.”

      Also dam, that’s pretty awesome to say that you used to take part in official races like this as a kid when you grow older.

    2. Mehmetcan Mısırcıoğlu you do realize that motorcycle racing isn’t nearly as dangerous as riding a bicycle on the road right?

  3. “Put him on a stretcher first. But unfortunately for Darryl they dropped him while he was on it”. Comedy gold here. Hilarious 4:04

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