Best of Bikers 2013 – Superbikes Burnouts, Wheelies, RL, Revvs and loud exhaust sounds!

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Best Scenes from 2013!

Bikers HD 77 – On the video:

Aprilia RSV4;
BMW S1000RR;
Ducati 1198S;
Ducati 1199 Panigale S;
Ducati 1199 Panigale S Tricolore;
Honda CB 600F Hornet;
Honda CBR 600F;
Honda CBR 600RR;
Honda CBR 1000RR;
Kawasaki Ninja 650R;
Kawasaki Z750;
Kawasaki Z800;
Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R;
Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R;
Suzuki Bandit 650;
Suzuki GSXR 750;
Suzuki GSXR 1000;
Suzuki GSXR 1300R Hayabusa;
Triumph Daytona 675;
Yamaha Fazer 600;
Yamaha XJ6;
Yamaha R6;
Yamaha R1;

Wheelies, Burnouts, Revs, Accelerations, RL's!
& More!

Video Compilation edited by Ed Cunha – Filmed by EdCunha

Camera: Canon SX40 HS & Rebel T4i – Filmed in 1080p Full HD

Curitiba, Paraná, Brasil

30 thoughts on “Best of Bikers 2013 – Superbikes Burnouts, Wheelies, RL, Revvs and loud exhaust sounds!

  1. Motoqueiro de fim de semana, colocam macacão para passear na Batel, kkkkkkkk, como pode serem tão jacús!!!!

  2. @3:48, This guy is the only one that knows what hes doing, full leather suit, can shift while performing a wheelie and doesnt even go that fast. Anybody can make a motorcycle burnout and do pitiful pop wheelies

  3. sad kind of people who only do things when they are not alone.
    tire shop must be doing good business in that area
    police could have some nice business there as well

  4. It’s like they spend so much money on their tires, that they have nothing left for protection wear o.O

  5. Brazilians love cars and bikes as much we do and sometimes they go crazier than us. Greetings from Argentina!

  6. The people that do burnouts because they think they’re cool might as well tattoo “Douchbag” right across their forehead.

  7. Vídeo feito com “motoqueiros” do Brasil, no Brasil, com título em Língua Inglesa, tendo como finalidade mostrar para os gringos que no Brasil só tem gente fazendo merda. Desde quando fazer borrachão e cortar giro exige técnica?

  8. I’m all for stuntin, but I didn’t see any in this video. Just a bunch of squids revving their bikes and doing some weak burnouts 🙁

  9. OK first thought was check out all of the squids…. So many awesome bikes. Video should be titled, “Why people hate sport bike riders… Let me count the ways!” I own a 07 Kawasaki ZX14, 08 Kawasaki ZZR600, 2014 MV Agusta F3 800… I ride often, and understand the attraction to the sports bike. I just hate seeing people doing this type of riding… main reason so many cities are trying to regulate the sports bike to death. With this type of “display” you give them fuel to add to their fire.

  10. Like most people, when I see someone on a loud bike my reaction is, there goes another low-life loser. But actually, I have personally known a couple guys who were otherwise fairly decent people. I’m sure there must be others.

    1. The important thing to pay attention to isn’t the volume but what they’re wearing and how they’re behaving

  11. Lol at the size of chicken strips on the rear tires…let alone how square they are.  Didn’t know there were bigger douchewads on bikes than the stunter crowd in the US…yep, found them.

    Good job, you have money to finance a bike…does not mean you know how to ride it.

  12. Those idiots don’t have Gloves in their country or what ?!

    And those guys are not “bikers” at all…..

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