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Pure 5 minutes of adrenaline rush street racing between BMW 1000 versus honda repsol cbr 1000

80 thoughts on “5 Crazy Minutes of PURE ADRENALINE RUSH! ❱ BMW HONDA STREET RACING

  1. In India even if you go at 120kmph on highway
    You will die because of holes and bumps on highways 😂😂

    1. +GUNZ Lover02 India is the largest democracy in the world and one of the most powerful nation. It does have its own advantages over the corrupted and vulnerable western nations, but definitely roads are not one of it.

    1. +War Against Myself when your a miserable fucker with no sense of enjoyment lol you know your alive when your that close to death

    2. +Jack Carey Durr just cause you cant be suicidal and dumb doesnt mean you’s not smart.. durrrrr

  2. 299KPH that equates to 185.79 miles per hour, or 272.49 feet per second!
    No human reaction time is that fast, someone will die eventually.

  3. I hate when people get triggered and say they are stupid and are gonna die, my answer to that is at least they chose to die that way and aren’t afraid of death. the fear of death holds us back from our extreme potentials they didn’t die and because of that they have accomplished something brilliant. So to all the haters go back to your safe space and let people choose their fates thier own way.

    1. Do any of you guys know about motorcycles? I want to learn how to drive them.. maybe not as fast as this.. but who knows.. if I get to that level I would.. I’m not afraid to die so I’d be a dumbass going that fast.. but how long would it take depending on how much I practiced ? I want to buy one soon.. and I want to drive one .. fast

    2. @1:33 they pass a semi on the shoulder and there happens to be a bicyclist riding down the road. What happens when he hits that person doing 250 km/hr? Pink mist. I’m an avid motorcyclist but I would never ride like such an idiot.

    3. Yes you are right but to in order to reach this level you need along time practicing and reaching level to reach it with this skill .

    1. WTF! what a fucking point. Should I order a helmet in your address? Do you have fucking guts to do such? fucking idiot

    2. +DarkPlaysPL bro they were going more like 180 190 do the math 300kph is about 180mph and they went over 300kph just the speedo doesnt go that high

  4. im so mad it didnt hit 300… which is stupid because the rpm’s still went up after 299, so it means he was going about 310.

    1. Ytg yeah I’ve seen the h2r reach 400 km ( golden gate bridge) in 26 seconds ( 249 mph) but of COURSE the baddest thing close would be the Hayabusa which maxes out around 220 mph I’m not sure what Ducati is but i don’t think I’ve ever seen one reach the speeds of h2r or Hayabusa 1200cc probably max out around 210-215 mph

    2. +Frank Moser Liter bikes keep on accelerating even after 299kmph and can reach upto 320kmph or even 330 for bikes like
      The speedo is locked at 299 to make them legal

    3. It’s in kilometers and only reaches 299 ( which IS stupid) but that’s s around 180 mph i think and these 1000cc bikes should be maxing out around 210 mph by MY estimates

    4. That’s the Speedo limiter. This S1000RR along with the Akra pipe and what looks like proper mapping was doing more than 315+ kmp

  5. This is so brutal, I’m actually wearing my helmet and protective gear while watching this

    Edit: Over 2100 likes xD you’re sick guys

  6. I would say they are pretty good riders, BUT….haven’t you ever heard of road shoulder DEBRI? Its packed with crap from semi trucks, blowouts, car parts and rusted exhaust components. The list goes on. The list goes on why you shouldn’t be taking the inside apex in the shoulder at 300 kph. I love fast stuff but I also do a fast risk assessment before stuff like that now, after so much pain lol

  7. Melhor pega de Moto da Internet..que eu já vi..Pra andar juntos com esses 2..tem que ser Piloto..

    1. Juninho Barollo não mesmo. Basta ser louco e não ter medo de morrer!

      Os verdadeiros pilotos estão nos autódromos. Única coisa que esses 2 fizeram foi acelerar em retas.

  8. 3 questions. What PlayStation game is this? How many lives do you get per level? And how many of your body parts will be recognizable when you fall off or splash into the back end of something?

    1. None have you seen a video of a group ride going wrong when two zx10r crashed at 299? there body parts where ripped but still recognizable

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