41 thoughts on “2019 Honda CB300R – Too little, too late? : PowerDrift

  1. Good morning #PDArmy! Seems like Honda is listening to you guys! First time we had caught up with CB300R at 2017 EICMA, we had asked you to hit the pinned comment with a thumbs-up if you wanted to see the bike here. And 600 Likes later, it has finally happened!
    This time, why don’t you send Honda a message if you want CB300R to be built locally and become more affordable with another Like and Comment!

    1. Well although the pricing looks fine because of the updated innards, the 10L tank is a big let down… Wonder why they didn’t increase the tank size for the Indian variant inspite of knowing the Indian conditions.

    1. Interceptor as becoz u r buying it..Anand vai assured you it will get delivered within this month ur interceptor😊😊

  2. Bro just look at it and fall in love with it.
    It’s design and build quality just stand out and shout loud I am here.

  3. As activas are selling like hot cakes honda thinks of India as a Scooter market that’s why Honda isn’t bringing any new product.

  4. People before : Honda doesn’t launch their international bikes here and gives only Activa.
    Honda launches the exact international variant for a premium
    People now : it’s over priced no one Will buy it.
    Smh.🤦🏼‍♂️ See this is exactly why Honda launches only Activa.

    1. So you claim that if Honda bring this bike then they should command a premium for an International spec. model even if the competitors are providing more features and churning out more capacity from their hardware in Indian markets. bro this shows their arrogance as they are pricing way more than from the expected price range and this shows that they are not caring for the Indian markets as their attitude towards Indian markets is whatever they bring we but but it’s not. how about the CBR 250r which is also a success for Honda in Indian markets but it doesn’t get updated almost half or more than a decade but at that time frame other markets like Indonesia and others get liter class inspired 250 rr and with whole lot updated features for that price and in India we buy somewhat at higher price from them but don’t get an updated models in this case it shows their arrogance and ignorant attitude towards Indian market. People say it’s overpriced no one will buy it, answer is YES why because people fell for CBR 250r and it didn’t got updated for many years so why you think that people will fell for this trap again by again buying at premium and not get updates for another decade. maybe you will but it and wait for the updates for over a decade but not everyone will.
      So when people bought the 250r in india it also commanded a high price and people bought it and it was success for Honda but now with their ripoff pricing and arrogant and ignorant attitude towards Indian markets for their products maybe no one will buy it the so called international premium price re bore 250 cc to an 286.5 cc bike in India due to their arrogance and laid back attitude.

    2. Hey siddharth, it might appeal to a different set of audience. Let’ see! In fact, we hear that there’s already a waiting period of 3-4 months.

  5. How true…too little ..too late..
    Honda is all lost…the Orange brigade & Husqy gang will chew this raw..Honda pls concentrate Only Activa & Shine 6gs😂😁

  6. It maybe too late, but a Honda engine and a Honda comfort and this neo-retro design. I’d prefer this over KTM’s sharp design, raw power and track focused seating and posture.

  7. it is HONDA, the quality and refinement will be always top-notch when compare to their competitors ! Performance wise in simple Duke n Dominor is temporary and HONDA is permanent !
    Just have words with CBR 250R owner you guys will rarely finds unsatisfied customers!
    That’s Honda for You !

  8. Honda means class, reliability and peace of mind. If u find budget problem then go for cheap quality KTM or other bikes. Honda is not everyone’s cup of tea.

    1. in other markets, they are sold at 2 lakh. 2.4 lakhs because of custom tax since its being assembled in india via CKD route.

  9. Indian Youtube wannabe customers(IYWC) logic.
    IYWC: Why does Honda not launch cbr300r? Honda only launches Activa 10G. hehehehe
    *Honda launches CB300R ckd lower than Duke 390 and G310R prices*
    IYWC: Too overpriced.

    Also IYWC: Why does Yamaha remove USD and other features from international spec R15? If we can buy v3 for 1.4 lakhs do they think we cannot spend more than 1.6 to buy with Usd forks?

  10. I understand that the pricing is high because its CKD, but Honda will have an even more difficult time when the new Dominar launches, especially since there are rumors going around that the new Dominar will have more torque and power than the current one.

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