2018 MotoGP Sepang Test Day 1

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Scenes from day 1 of the MotoGP winter test at Sepang International Circuit (SIC), Malaysia.


49 thoughts on “2018 MotoGP Sepang Test Day 1

  1. Worst sounding season ever. Every single bike on that grid sounds identical now. I was lucky enough to have experienced the 2003 and 2004 years trackside.

    1. That’s what happens when you spend 20 fantastic years within the MotoGP paddock. Make the most of it smart arse, six years from now the entire grid will be powered by Laminate-type Lithium-ion batteries.

    2. Kinda got a point to be fair. With the Honda going big bang they all sound pretty similar now. Wouldn’t say identical though. Although I’d give a lot to hear something like stoners gp7/8/9 back out there (800 I know) or that screamer Kawasaki from ’04

    1. Jorge lorenzo is not arrogant, Please see jorge and deepen about his personality, Although thousands of people who hate him but he remains strong and strong, I love his struggle

      remember no body perfect…
      LORENZO is my life πŸ™‚

    2. I have to say, I have not been a fan of Jorge. Far too petulant and arrogant, a typical youngster, in my opinion. However I was really impressed with his performances last year, a bit up and down, but that’s what riding a Ducati can do. I think if he can control his “personality” he will really do well on that bike. I think the Factory have confidence in him and Dovi to build up a great team, like the Capirossi/Bayliss era.

    1. Im saying because it really does slow things down on film. Its too smooth. My samsung s7 edge is making your footage soo dam smooth at 60fps 1080p

    2. Not sure about that but I’m pretty sure the camera I used is not purpose built for super zoom-in from far distance. That’s all I have though. πŸ™‚

  2. I love the sound these monsters make, but I wish they were still on two strokes, or better still the screamer four strokes like the Kawasaki and the original Yamaha

    1. I agree, but its more to do with the way the tyres work that we have these “torque” monsters. The screamer engines have fairly narrow powerbands (compared to the Crossplane crank/V4’s) They allow the tyre to “rest” between pulses

    2. I’m not disputing that the screamer is not as good out of a corner as the crossplane crank/V configuration. I just loved the sound. I remember when the first Yamaha with max Biaggi on it was let loose in 2002 it sounded unbelievable. Then it was the Kawasaki’s I just love the sound they made. They all sound like Bloody Ducati’s now. The original 5 cylinder Hondas sounded awesome

    3. unlike f1 where the engine configuration is mandated, moto gp has much freer regulations concerning engines and this is literally the best they can do so far.

    4. Nitro Gary1 screamer won’t work, they’ll lose big time. Even if they would allow 2 strokes back in, noone will prefer that option.

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