2018 KTM RC16 | MotoGP Project V4 Screamer Engine

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First sigh from The Lastly Manufacture to compete in Motogp Class in 2017, KTM bring back their 270hp+ beast to fight against another factory bike such as Honda RC213V , Yamaha YZR-M1, Ducati Desmosedici GP17, Suzuki GSX-RR and also Aprilia RS-GP. The bike will be the only one who carries Screamer engine in 2017, this v4 engine which rumoured to be producing 270+hp. and also this bike agains will be the only one who uses the WP ktm Factory Suspension.


53 thoughts on “2018 KTM RC16 | MotoGP Project V4 Screamer Engine

  1. big applause for ktm who is have balls to join motogp classes even they not give big fight on championship

  2. KTM and their CEO are jokes… CEO illegidly discontinued the production of their liter bike line because he feels they are to dangerous for the public… that would be like McDonald’s refusing to sell the Big Mac because it makes people fat… but still selling other burgers… Really!?!? Come on KTM, grow a set of balls and bring back the liter bike

    1. +Billy Wang I think it is not about balls. What do we know about the numbers of sold rc8/rc8rs and the prognoses for competition the years after production stoped? The factorys of ktm are busy af with all the other models to build and those are just more successful than the supersport from ktm. I read the whole company needed time to expand their capacity in every segment and why risk to loose competition in supersport segment, when everything else is growing?

    2. What they said don’t make any sense. 😂😂😂Discontinued the super sport, make super duke more powerful every two days…. then they do the same with the same with the adventure bikes
      I guess they just didn’t have the balls to compete in the super sport market.

    1. Yesterday at valencia,ktm get his first podium in moto gp,nothing possible.you should shame to your talk

    2. RK VLOGS in the U.S. the RC8 has been discontinued… I B eleive 2011 was the last year… research it, info actually states the line was discontinued because the CEO felt they were to dangerous for public…

    3. berse504 not sure where the “possible” comes in at, KTM doeant even offer a liter bike anymore… but hey, look at what we have, the RC16, but we are not going to offer a liter bike to the public because we don’t feel you’re good enough to ride it… lmao

    1. sacco it’s not because he didn’t want them in Europe shithead !
      It’s because they controlled economy at a time and made German simple ppl pay the price by famine and used Herman women in pornography ! But it seems that u guys today in Europe te same with ur women after all !

    2. I wish he had killed all of the Jews, Look what they have done to Europe after the WWII and you will understand why he didn’t wanted them in Europe.

    3. sacco Wake me up when they create a production liter bike capable of hanging with the big 4 under $15k msrp.

  3. Now they have traction control and wheelie inhibitors.
    They can limit the amount of power to the rear wheel based on lean angle.

    Where does the riders ability express itself?

    Late braking?

    1. The 500cc champions rode on the limit of those bikes at that time. Electronics have pushed the limit even further but the riders still push on the limit. Electronic is not a safety net it is for the riders to push even harder. In such case Rossi has won championship on 500cc bike so with electronic he should be so much faster than Marquez and Lorenzo and the others who didn’t have a taste of such bike? The bike may be “easier” to ride with the electronic but it just means that the limit is higher. The riders are still pushing on the limit so I’m sorry but you can’t say that it is taking less of skill than last time.

    2. I know it’s very late reply but the electronics on the race bike is not to have a safety net. It is for making the riders even faster. The electronic also have to be set up by the rider and teams over the weekend to find a setting the rider is comfortable with. It doesn’t mean they have any less skill. After all, all the riders that make it to MotoGP have to pay their dues in the lower classes where there is much less electronic. Look at Moto2 racing the bike is sliding everywhere and the rider is having to control. Also the electronic is used for rideability of the motorcycle by smoothing the throttle response. Think like a fighter jet plane where the shape is designed to be unstable for manoeuvrability but the electronic allow the pilot to control it to the maximum potential and without it, the pilot cannot fly it. Just see Pedrosa a few years back when the wheelspeed sensor was broken from a touch with Marquez and Pedrosa just opens the throttle and immediately highside crash. Is not because he just opens throttle fully and the electronic keep him safe. He expect a certain throttle response with the electronic present and without it he receive a different power than what he expect which cause him to have accident. So electronic is to make a very fast bike more consistent and less wild in the riders hand so he can push even harder. All the bikes are having it so it is still a competition of rider skill. Sorry for long response 🙂

    3. line choice, finding opportunities to pass, and reacting to changing conditions are the three big places where I can see rider ability still showing itself. However if you really want a sport where it is all about the riders ability, motoGP is not the place to look, try watching Motocross or Supercross, the bikes in the top level of those disciplines are practically identical to the bikes you can buy off the showroom floor.

  4. That chap Sebastien Risse must be an absolute engineering genius to be technical director at that age!  I think KTM are continuing to do an excellent job of tapping in to the inner hooligan that lurks within every biker!  So much attitude in their bikes and their marketing.

  5. Never bin a fan of Ktm but that thing sounds amazing! Will be interesting to see how it goes this season

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