2003 Budds Creek 250cc Moto 1 (Ricky Carmichael Vs. Tim Ferry)

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This is the first 250cc moto from the 2003 Budds Creek National in Budds Creek, MD.

In 2003, Honda's Ricky Carmichael was on another tear during the 250cc Motocross National season. After winning his 3rd consecutive 250cc Supercross title by 7 points over Team Yamaha's Chad Reed, but losing the last 6 straight races, Ricky still showed he was still the man to beat with 4 straight overall wins and only 1 moto loss throughout the 2003 season.

Coming into Budds Creek, Carmichael had a good size points lead over Honda "teammate" Kevin Windham. However, Windham had 2 bad motos to his credit early in the season — a 14th in the 1st moto at Glen Helen and a 6th in the 2nd moto at Hangtown (both as a result of early crashes). At Hangtown, Windham stopped Ricky's 30-moto win streak with a dominant first moto win; Carmichael came back to win the 2nd moto and the overall with a 2-1.

Watch as Team Yamaha's Tim Ferry gives some light back in the Yamaha tent; the team hadn't won since the Supercross finale in Vegas when Chad Reed took the honors. The last time Yamaha had won a moto was when Tim Ferry won the 2nd moto at Kenworthy's in 2001 and ended up 8th overall (from a DNF and a 31st place in the first moto). Unfortunately for Ferry, he crashed in the 2nd moto and was forced to drop out after a fire came out of his exhaust pipe while trying to restart his 450cc Yamaha; he ended up 7th overall on the day.

This would mark only the 2nd moto loss for Ricky Carmichael in 2003. Enjoy.

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